What is UPS in a computer? Types and Applications

Have you faced power supply interruptions while using your PC? Today you will find a solution for that problem.

On this page, you’re going to see what is UPS? How it protects the PC from damage? Different types of UPS and their applications and more.

First, we need to know what is an UPS mean?

UPS meaning :

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is an electronic device that we used to continue the power supply to another electronic device that we are using (like a PC) after the power cut. Based upon the working mechanism inside the UPS device, it is classified into three types Online, Offline, and Line-interactive.

For laptops, the UPS is not necessary, because it has already a backup source or DC source. But, for desktop PCs, it is compulsory to install a UPS source to the PC setup.

Let me tell you the thing happened to me.

Back in time, I don’t know much about computers and ignore installing a UPS on my desktop computer. I didn’t face any problems until the power fluctuations occur in my system.

My PC holds the fluctuations from the source to some extent. My Operating System was damaged by the power fluctuations. I didn’t know that will happen until it has done.

The Windows automatic repair system tries to diagnose the issue but no use.

I realized that the problem is the power source. Then I bought the CyberPower CP1500 UPS.

Here, I must be share one good thing with you that is, only my OS was damaged during the power fluctuations, there is a high chance of PC components getting damage.

This was the same thing that happened to one of my friends. The motherboard in his computer was damaged by the bad power supply.

If you haven’t installed an UPS to your system, add it as early as possible.

Types of UPS :

Based upon the working mechanism inside the UPS, they are classified into three main types. There are some other types also present. But mainly, these three are in use.

  1. Offline UPS
  2. Online UPS and
  3. Line-interactive UPS

Offline UPS :

We will see the basic working mechanism of an UPS in it.

While the power supply is connected to the Offline UPS, it gets charged and stores the power in a form of DC (AC to DC). And when the supply from the source is interrupted or abnormal levels like high voltage or low voltage, the power in the UPS will become active and convert to AC (DC to AC) and then supply the converted current to the load (PC). This is the basic operation that occurs in Offline UPS.

The sudden change in the voltage is recognized by the UPS and produces the response signal to the load. Usually, it took some time for the UPS to become active after the power cut.

The cost of offline UPS is comparatively low, and it helps to make the load or PC standby for some time. In the meantime, we can save our work and shut down the PC normally.

Online UPS :

In an Online UPS system, the battery is always connected to the rectifier. If there is any change in the supply voltage, the rectifier is ready to make a response accordingly.

For example, if the power supply from the source is absent to a circuit where Online UPS is connected to it, immediately the rectifier can convert the battery power DC to AC and send it to the load.

When the power supply came back, the rectifier will be back in its normal or inactive position.

Line-interactive UPS :

The working of Line-interactive UPS is the same as the Online UPS. The rectifier will act as the key element in both systems.

The difference between the Online UPS and the Line-interactive UPS is voltage regulation. The Online UPS can do 2 to 5% of voltage regulation to a circuit. But the Line-interactive voltage regulation is high i.e., 10 to 15% of the voltage passing across the circuit.

Best UPS for computer :

Before buying a UPS, you need to consider some factors like input voltage, output voltage, recharge time, etc. These factors will define the best one out of common.

A bad UPS selection is a mistake in a PC build. Find other 12 common mistakes which we make in a PC build.

Here you can find the list of best UPS for your PC.

  1. CyberPower CP1500 intelligent LCD UPS system
  2. APC UPS with 1500VA
  3. Tripp Lite Smart 1500LCD UPS
  4. CyberPower Sinewave UPS
  5. APC 3000VA Smart-UPS

Applications of UPS :

Places where we need continuous power supply, there we use UPS source.

  • We need a continuous power supply for hospitals
  • Telecommunication sector
  • Power generating stations
  • Household appliances like computers, TVs, etc.

Conclusion :

Hope you learn something new and useful today. If you haven’t protected your PC yet, mount a UPS in your PC setup.

How many watts that your UPS is capable to work? Make a comment.

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