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What is login? & logout, signup, and sign in

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You need to create an account to access something free or paid service. And these terms (Sign up, Sign in, login, log out) will display whenever you want to access your account on any website.

On this page, you’ll find the meaning of these terms and the difference between them. So that you wouldn’t get confused in your account setup and use.

First, you need to know the meaning of an account. Then you can understand these terms clearly.

What is an account?

An account is nothing but someone’s profile in a company database. It can exist in both digital and physical formats. You can protect your account with a password so that nobody can access your profile. You need to give the required information like name, username, etc, to create an account.

All accounts are not the same and based on the type of account, you need to give information and permissions. For example, a Facebook account wants you to create a name, username, and password. But it doesn’t ask for your credit card and debit card information because it is not necessary.

A general Facebook account is used for social media interaction so there is no need to give your card information. But if you want to create a Netflix account, you must provide the card information for payment.

So, different websites require different information and permission. You must accept their terms & conditions in order to create an account on their website.

“To use Google Maps, you must give permission to Google to access your location. Otherwise, you can’t use their service.”

We know the meaning of an account and its requirements. Now we will see the terms that are using to access this account.

Sign up :

The Sign Up is the process of creating an account. Before using an account, first, you need to create it. And this is the step that you need to give all the required information to the website. Along with the information, you can create a password.

This is the compulsory button for every account creation. Without the Sign-Up form, there is no registration to an account on a website.

There are the most common websites where we can find sign up forms.

  • Facebook Sign Up form.
Facebook sign up
Facebook sign up
  • Reddit Sign Up form.
Reddit sign up
Reddit sign up

Login :

A login is an option on a website for users. With this option, a user can get back to his/her account or profile that already exists. This option is useful for those who already created their account with the Sign Up form. A login button contains only two options that are user id and password.

You can see the login button beside the Signup button. And there is no need to provide the entire information that you gave when signing up an account.

If you forgot the password, under the login form, you’ll find an option called ‘forgot password.’ In this area, you can reset your account password. But you need to prove yourself to do that.

Though login and sign-in options are similar, login is the most common option that we see on many websites.

On the internet, we can find a lot of websites. Let’s see login option on some of them.

  • Facebook login page.
Facebook login page
Facebook login page
  • Twitter login page.
Twitter log in page
Twitter log in page

Sign in :

The login and sign-in options look similar but there is a difference. The sign-in option is used for high-grade accounts like Google, Microsoft, etc. The sign-in process requires more authentication than login. Based on requirements, we need to submit enter OTP passwords, location permission, etc.

Unlike sign-in, login doesn’t need who you are and where you are from. It just needs a user id and a password.

The sign-in option has high authority and protection than login and it will get you to notify whoever sign in to your account. If you that your account was in trouble with unauthorized access, you can change the password to your account.

  • Google sign in page.
Google sign in
Google sign in
  • Microsoft sign in page
Microsoft sign in page
Microsoft sign-in page

Sign out:

Professional accounts like Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc, use the sign-out option instead of log out. It means when you sign out from your account on their websites, your complete profile or account will get locked. It will unlock only when you sign in. You can sign out and sign in to your account whenever you want.

You can find the sign out option in the setting or account management section.

Log out :

Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, etc have the logout option in your profile management. You can use this option to protect your social media profiles from others to access. There is nothing you could submit like username, password, etc, to log out from your account.

  • Log out option on Facebook.
Facebook log out
Facebook log out
  • Log out option on Twitter.
Twitter account log out
Twitter account log out

Now you know what to choose among these options and when to choose.

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