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How to create a new Gmail account? [Step-by-step]

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Because of using the internet, we need to create various accounts in different situations like a Facebook account for social interaction, a Skype account for video calling, a Netflix account for entertainment, etc.

Every account has its unique purpose. But what we are discussing today is a primary thing from Google. Without a Google account, we can’t use their services efficiently.

A Gmail is nothing but an email service from Google and we can also call it a Google account that can give authority to access all the free and paid services from Google. Google is providing around 150+ services including YouTube, Google photos, G-Drive, Chrome browser, etc. We can create multiple Gmail accounts based on our requirements.

If you observe clearly, you can find that most of the websites have a facility that we can sign up with our Google account. It shows us how important a Google account is.

So we need to create a new Google or Gmail account. Just swipe down to get it in a step-by-step process.

How to create a Gmail account?

It is actually a simple task to create a Google or Gmail account. However, if you have any doubts throughout this process, make a comment. I’ll respond as early as possible.

Go to the official web page (

No matter what device you are using, either it may be a mobile, a tab, or a desktop PC. You can go to Google’s official website to create a new Gmail account.

Click on the link here. Your browser will open Google’s webpage.

You can also use any browser that you want. But Chrome browser is my recommendation. In this process, I’m using a Chrome browser on a desktop PC to create my Gmail account.

Click on ‘Create an account’

Google’s webpage looks like this.

Google 'Create an account' page
Google ‘Create an account’ page

On this page, you’ll find three options to click.

  1. Create an account – This is the place you need to click to create a new Gmail account
  2. Sign in – People who already have an account will use it
  3. For work – This is the paid Admin console account which is useful for business, organizations, etc. You can try their 14-day free plan.

Submit a name, username, and password

This section is important for your account identity. And also you need to create a password for protection.

I want you to know the importance of each step in the picture below. So that you have the least chance to make a mistake.

Give a name and password to your account
Give a name and password to your account
  1. Name – In this area, there are two sections, ‘First name‘ and ‘Last name.’ Just fill your name with a surname or a nickname. You can change your name whenever you want in the account settings.
  2. Username – This step is very important in the entire process of account creation. Choose a username that you want. I make my name as a username with an extension ‘vip.’ You can’t change your username so choose wisely.
  3. Google recommendation – When you type a username, Google search for it on its servers. If it exists, then Google will not allow you to choose that username. In that case, the available or Google recommended usernames might be your choice.
  4. Current email – If Google finds that you have multiple accounts, it will ask you to replace the new Gmail with the current one. It is not an option for all of you. You should ignore it.
  5. Password – Google knows that passwords play a key role in your account protection. So, it is the required column. You can use letters, numbers, symbols to strengthen your password.
  6. Show password – Select show password to make sure what you are typing.
  7. Next – Fill up all the steps. If no red alerts are there, then you can click on the Next button.

Click on ‘Sign in instead’ to Sign in to your existing Google account. Users who want to create their new account no need to click on it.

Gender and Date of Birth are required

Now, it’s time to give some additional information to protect our Google account.

The below image has 7 steps. Let’s see them one by one.

DOB with recovery mail and phone number
DOB with recovery mail and phone number
  1. Country – Select your country. Google will add your country code before your phone number. I live in India. So I select it.
  2. Phone number – If you want, you can add your phone number. When you lost your password, Google will use your phone number to identify yourself. And if someone tries to access your account, you’ll get notified. By this, you can protect your Google account.
  3. Recovery email address – Both phone numbers and recovery email addresses are optional. You can add them to improve your account security. Add an email account here that already exists. If you forgot your password, the recovery email address will help you reset your password.
  4. Date of Birth – You need to add the date of birth here because Google wants to know your age. So that it doesn’t have any problem in the future. You must be at least 13 years old to create your Google account.
  5. Gender – Select your gender
  6. Have any doubt – If you want to know why Google is asking for this information, click on the link here. You’ll find answers to your questions.
  7. Next – After providing all the required information, click on this button.

That’s all, 70% of the Gmail account creation was completed. Let’s complete this thing.

Verify your phone number

In this step, you need to verify your phone number. The below picture has snaps of verifying my phone number.

Verifying phone number for a new Google account
Verifying phone number for a new Google account
  1. Google will show your phone number to send a verification code. By clicking on ‘Send’ your phone number will get a message with a verification code.
  2. This is not a step in the verification process. But by clicking on save, chrome browser will save your Google account password and username. There is no problem to save your password on the chrome browser. If you are using a PC, this tab will pop up. It is useful, and that’s why I’m saying about it.
  3. There is a column here to paste the code that Google sends to your phone number. After placing the code, click on the ‘Verify’ button.

By this action, you’ve verified your phone number. So we will move to the next step.

Accept the ‘Privacy & Terms’

Accept Google and Terms
Accept Google Privacy and Terms

You need to accept their terms and conditions to create a Google or Gmail account. If you don’t agree, you would not create a new one. And there is no problem by clicking on the ‘I agree’ button here.

Note: Google always keeps an eye on your actions. If you make any illegal activities with your Google account, then it has full rights to take action against you.

Turn on sync if you want

This is the final step in the Gmail account creation process. If you want, you can sync all your data across all devices.

Sync your data across all your devices
Sync your data across all your devices

Just click on the ‘Yes, I’m in’ button to turn on sync in your new account. If you don’t want, you can select cancel to refuse it.

Congrats, you’ve created a new Google

Congrats on creating your Gmail account. The Google search engine will display like this and you can find your account on the top right corner of the chrome browser.

A new Google account
A new Google account

From now onwards you won’t need to make all these steps to access your account. You can just log in to your account with your username and password.

How to log in to a Gmail account?

You can search ‘‘ in any browser. The page will appear like this.

  • Enter your Gmail in the first step
  • Then enter your password

Your Gmail will open and it looks like this

Gmail dashboard of my Google account
Gmail dashboard of my Google account

In this area, you can communicate with others through emails. All the received emails will present in the inbox section. And the mails that you sent to someone will be located on the ‘Sent’ section. We can discuss more the features here in the coming articles.

Enter your email to find my emails in your inbox.

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