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What is Computer? [A to Z Guide]

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Want to know about computer? Well, you came to the right place to get it from the scratch.

The ancient technology was good. In fact, it is great. Our Ancestors state that there are nine planets without using any modern technology like Telescope, Satellites, etc. They found the natural treatment of many harmful diseases.

And they built art and sculptures. Egyptian pyramids were the best examples of this. Here I want to highlight the evaluation of technology, but not trying to give credit to a specific country.

Compared to that ancient technology, today, we found a lot of possibilities to choose the type of gadgets or devices. So we don’t bother about inventing new things.

Necessity is the mother of invention

Believe it or not, people became lazy with the latest technology features.

However, two inventions in technology will show the other side of the coin. They are…

Internet and Computer.

Over the past 30 years, technology was improving a lot. Internet and computer play key roles in it. First, let’s talk about the internet.

The internet is nothing but the connection between two or more computers. The wireless connection between the computers is possible, but with high limitations. So we use cables to connect with a network.

Connecting 2 to 20 computers with a cable network is not a problem. But the internet needs to connect to every PC on this planet. Is it possible or we have any alternate way? Find here.

Computer is one of the greatest invention to this world.

What is Computer?

Before going to know about computers and their potential, we need to know the meaning of a computer.

A computer is an electronic machine that can give accurate results to our queries with the help of Artificial Intelligence programmed in it. They have a wide range of usage like in hospitals, Colleges, Schools, scientific labs, hotels, etc. We can use a computer for personal purposes like watching movies, playing games, etc. And so it is also called a Personal Computer or PC.

My computer
My computer

Computers are basically designed to do mathematical calculations.

In the olden days, computers are bulky and enough to occupy a complete room. You can find more about these types of computers in the ‘Evaluation of computers’ section.

Just because I said the internet and the computer are great things, doesn’t mean the other things are unimportant like programming languages, Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Integrated Circuits, etc.

Don’t get confused, there are two types of computer parts. The compulsory and optional components. Find which components belong to which category.

Even though the computer has different components like motherboard, processor, RAM, ROM, keyboard, etc, each element serves its unique purpose.

The computer has a systematic approach to work. And so the actions are quick and accurate. Do you know how the computer is working?

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