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It is good to know about the computer that you are using because you can utilize it well only when you know what it performs well.

Today we can see the best ways to find the complete system information in Windows 10. Let’s have a brief introduction.

What is system information?

The data or information that describes the computer and its hardware and software properties is called as system information. We can analyze the efficiency of a system with this information. To open the system information tab in Windows 10, press (WindowsKey+R), the RUN app will pop up, and then type ‘msinfo32‘ and press ‘Enter.’

System information

System Information Windows 10

In Windows 10 OS, we can find almost the complete information about the computer. But the problem is, not all the information is located in one particular place. Not even in the above-mentioned location (system information tab).

If we want to control the entire computer from one particular location, either in the control panel or BIOS setup, or computer management, we can’t. So, we need to open each page for each particular operation.

The good this, by this individual approach we can easily identify the options for a particular function.

There are different areas in Windows 10 to find the system information in a PC. They are…

Ways to access system information :

  1. Direct search from the search bar located at the bottom left on your desktop screen. Type ‘system information,’ and then press ‘Enter’, the system information tab will open.
  2. With the shortcut key (WindowsKey+R), you can open the RUN application. In that, type ‘msinfo32‘ and then press ‘Enter‘ to open the information tab.
Steps to find the system information in a PC
Steps to find the system information in a PC

From PC properties :

I think every one of you knows that an application called ‘This PC‘ is present in every Windows computer. Open ‘This PC’ by a double-tap on it. Then, you can find the list of local drives that exist on your PC. This is also called File Explorer in Windows 10.

The other way to get here is by using the shortcut key called (WindowsKey+E).

Under the bottom of local drives in ‘This PC,’ make right-click, the options will display.

At the very bottom, the ‘properties’ option present. Click on it. Then the system properties will display like this.

My PC system properties
My PC properties

Here you can find brief information about the computer hardware and the Operating System.

With the help of Computer Management :

To get into computer management, follow the step below.

  • Type ‘computer management,’ in the search bar and click ‘Enter.’ The computer management tab will open. There you can find your PC information.
Computer Management in Windows 10
Computer Management in Windows 10

Windows 10 system settings :

  • Windows Key >> settings >> System >> About

By following the above steps, you’ll get this page. And here you can find the Device and Windows specifications.

About PC in Windows 10
About PC in Windows 10

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