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The computer is an electronic device, and the electronic devices consume electrical energy. Today, we are going to see how much electricity does a computer use?

Knowing about this thing can solve many of your questions or doubts like

  • Can I keep my PC ON even when I’m not using it?
  • How much power does a laptop use?
  • Which is a better power-efficient device Desktop or Laptop?
  • How to increase the efficiency of the system? And more…

A normal computer consumes 200 Watt-hours of power and it consumes 250 Watts to 350 Watt-hours based upon the components in it. But a laptop consumes at least 50% less than a desktop PC i.e., 80 to 100 Watts in normal use and 150 Watts in peak use. However, the power consumption is varied from device to device. The more we use in a PC, the more power it gets consumed.

This is also a factor that a desktop PC can perform better compared to a laptop.

Laptop parts are integrated, and we can’t add extra components like PC fans, internal hard disk, etc. Though the laptops are using less power, they can work with both AC and DC currents.

How much electricity does a gaming computer use?

As I said before, the maximum power consumed by the computer is 350 Watt-hours. This is not the constant one. The gaming computer consumes much power compared to a normal PC because of its PC components. Especially, the components like GPU, Gaming monitor, RGB fans, require more power.

How to check the power consumption of PC?

The power of a system is equal to the product of voltage and current to it.

Power = Voltage * Current (Watts)

Watts are the units of Power. For simple electrical components, we can calculate power by ourselves. If you want a device that can measure the power of a system, then you can use ‘Wattmeter.’

There are some other devices to measure the response of a system like Ammeter, Voltmeter, etc. But Wattmeter is the thing you need to measure the power of your PC.

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How long can a computer run continuously?

I’m lazy to turn off the computer when I’m going outside of my home. The reason is, if I have a small work that is anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes, I didn’t turn off my computer. But, if it took hours, then I turn off my computer before stepping out of my home.

People think that computers can burn out if we keep them ON, even when we are not using them. Is it right? Let’s see the fact.

The computers are designed to perform 24/7 and 365 days. But it is possible only under specific conditions with good operating temperatures, dust-free ventilation, efficient PC components, Uninterruptible Power Supply, etc. So, there is no time restriction on computers. However, based upon all these factors, your PC efficiency will define. And by this efficiency, your PC working time occurs.

If you ask me, ‘Are there any computers that work 24/7 and 365 days?’ My answer is Yes, and we call them Servers. Companies, Educational institutes, Research labs, etc, require 24 hours of running computers.

How to reduce power consumption?

In computers, we can reduce the power consumption by removing the unwanted PC components from the setup like an extra monitor, printer, speakers, RGB fans, etc. I didn’t mean that you can’t use these parts to save power. My intention is to use the required components when the necessary conditions.

I suggest you that keep the fans of your PC as much as possible. Because the PC airflow optimization can control the temperature inside your CPU. Don’t compromise on this thing. If you think that PC fans take more power, and your PSU capacity is low, then use non-RGB fans.

The necessity of a good PSU :

Selecting a bad PSU while building a PC is one of the 13 common mistakes. Remember, a good PSU can work with 80% efficiency. So, not the entire power noted on the PSU is in use.

A good PSU can’t reduce the power consumption of your PC. But, it is good at supplying quality power to each of the PC components. If you choose a bad CPU, the instability power supply can lead to damage to the computer parts.

I recommend you to use at least 400VA capable UPS. Because, nowadays, all of us using good-performing computers and insert a lot of colorful things like RGB RAM sticks, RGB stock cooler, RGB fans, RGB gaming mouse, and keyboards.

Components like these require high power to work. And especially GPU, and the CPU. So, to get a good performing PC, use a good power supply with a good PSU. Find the other reasons to make your computer slow.

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