Laptops are more popular in these days because of its usability. Irrespective of profession, everyone is using a laptop.

Here I can give you detailed information about laptops like types, advantages, uses, hardware, and software capability, and we see laptop vs desktop to find which one is best.

The very first thing is we need to find the meaning of a laptop. And here it is.

What is Laptop?

A laptop is the compressed version of a computer with a portable facility. It is simple and carryable. We can able to use the laptop by placing it on our lap and hence we can call it a ‘Laptop’.

‘Adam Osborne’ invented the laptop to this world on April 3rd, 1981. He names the first micro and portable computer as ‘Osborne 1’. It weighs around 12KG and the cost is comparatively half of the cost of normal computers from the other companies.

Later in the coming years, the architecture of the laptop changed a lot. And PC manufacturing companies add additional features to fulfill our requirement.

Asus X200L laptop

This is my first and favorite laptop from Asus. And the model is Asus X200L Notebook PC. It has 4GB RAM, 512GB Hard disk with intel i3 processor. While you look at the screen, we know that it is running with Windows 10 Operating System.

In this generation, most people are in confusion to choose a laptop or desktop. So let’s look at the comparison of a laptop and a desktop.

What is the difference between Laptop and desktop?

A laptop is a portable personal computer that we can use to work wherever we need. It weighs around 1.5 KG. So we can easily carry it everywhere. On the other side, the computer is an indoor system that we used to work at a specific place.

To get to know the exact difference between them, you just need to know the basic information about desktop computers.

Like any other electronic device, the laptop is also made with a combination of both hardware and software. So If we find any difference between laptop and desktop, it must be in a way of either hardware or software.


The physical appearance of a laptop is completely different to desktop computer. We can build a desktop PC easily, as per our required configuration. But it is not possible to a laptop.

In laptops, we have some limited hardware accessibility like RAM, ROM, etc. It is a delicate matter to handle laptop hardware and here you can find the best tutorials related to laptop hardware.

With the help of the above category, you will get to know how to increase RAM on your laptop? How the laptop hardware is working? And what type of cooling systems used in laptops? etc.


Software is common in both laptop and desktop computer. Mostly, people use the Windows Operating system in normal computers and laptops as well.

Software-wise there is nothing much difference, but performance-wise desktop computers are best when compared to laptops with the same system configuration. For this primary reason, I recommend desktop computers are best for gaming and any other efficient works.

We will discuss a lot about softwares on laptops.

To understand the information, I provide this table for you to understand simply.

AbilitiesDesktop PCLaptop
Hardware accessibilityEasy to handleHard
Software performanceHigh efficientNormal efficient
GamingHighly recommendNot recommend
PortabilityNot presentPresent
Type of useIndoorIndoor and Outdoor
Power UsageHighLow
Build typeOwnCompany manufacture
Hardware issuesMoreLess
Difference between Laptop and desktop PC

Let me hope the above difference table will make you clear about the comparison.

We can able to upgrade the system configuration on desktop computers easily but it is not possible or somewhat possible on laptops.

Uses of Laptop :

The laptop has some unique advantages when compared to Computer. So we use laptops for different works. Here is a list of uses.

  • Government and Private service sectors.
  • For students
  • For gaming
  • Blogging
  • Editing
  • For browsing
  • Entertainment (Movies and TV shows etc)
  • Scientific research
  • For social networks to communicate with others
  • Software designing and development, etc.

These are the most commonly used fields that require a laptop.


I can upload the content regularly on this site. But you guys may find some trouble to find all the stuff in one place. So, I make the categories that may help you find the information that you want.

The information is of different types like tutorials, reviews, tips, etc. And the information is all related to technology only like Mobiles and Computers. These are the categories that you may find useful.

  • VIP Tech
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Let’s find each of them.

VIP Tech

VIP Tech is the place where you can find all the information that exists on this website. I’m sure every article will help you gain knowledge.

Tech Info

We all have that curiosity to know the useful answers to the wanted question. For example, How the internet is working? How the Bluetooth is working? Etc. This type of question needs a lot of research and a powerful pack of information to understand it clearly.

So all this type of content is present in the ‘Tech Info‘ category. I named this category as ‘Tech Info’ because all the deep technical information exists on this.


Apple has a separate fan base. Even I too love apple products. The primary reason for my love towards Apple is its founder ‘Steve Jobs’. He is a demigod to me. How many of you like him? Let me know with your comment.

In this place, you will find information related to Apple products like iPhones, laptops, computers, gadgets, etc.

I wrote my first blog post about Steve Jobs with the title ‘Pioneer of the personal computer revolution.’

In the initial days, I know nothing about blogging. That is why you’ll find a lot of mistakes out there. And the second reason is English is my second language.

Tech Reviews

Most people are in confusion to find the best things under the budget. The only best way to get out of this confusion is to find the reviews. I can provide product reviews here.

This reviews will help you find the product that perfectly suits for you and your work.

I never make a biased review. Because I know the customers are the ultimate decision makers for a product or company success and its failure.

Tech Tips

We are in a world of technology where we can find tech products everywhere. If we observe the term clearly, it shows the combination of a technique with logic.

There are a lot of tips, and tricks are there in the present technology. I can provide you the useful tips which you can apply by yourself.

DIY Tech

First, I want to tell you one thing. The information in this category needs your time.

If you want to handle your technical stuff by yourself, then this is perfect for you. Don’t worry, I will guide you carefully. So you have very less chance to damage your product. And I will be available on Instagram to hear from you at anytime.

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