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Is a laptop a PC? How can we say that?

In the computer world, we have so many terms to know. And these terms are important to find what is what. Today, on this page, we can find the answer to the basic question ‘Is a laptop a PC?’

First, let’s see what these (laptop and PC) terms mean…

What is a PC?

A PC is nothing but a computer that can use for personal works like storing important files, doing self-employed work, live classes for students, etc. The major difference between a normal computer and a Personal Computer is privacy. The normal computer used in hospitals, restaurants, colleges, etc, whereas the Personal Computer is one’s own device.

Now you know the difference between a normal computer and a Personal Computer.

In the olden days, we are using computers with a monitor, CPU, and Keyboard & Mouse. But when the days passing on, the technology was developed. All the different components of a computer are assembled in a single device and we call it a laptop.

A laptop is a simple, smart, and portable device. But we don’t have these facilities on desktop computers.

However, a laptop is nothing but a computer that we can use for both personal (chatting with friends, gaming, self-employed works, mailing, etc) and professional purposes (web designing, editing, data entry, etc). Hence we can undoubtedly consider a laptop as a Personal Computer. We can call a device (laptop or desktop) a PC based on the type of use.

Apple laptop

By considering these 3 factors, we call a laptop a computer.

1. Device components :

The desktop computer and a laptop both are electronic devices and they are made up of different components like motherboard, processor, RAM, ROM, monitor, etc.

Almost all the device components of a computer are present in a laptop. But on laptops, we can see them as small components that can fit in a particular area. Technically, we call these small circuit components Integrated Circuits.

Though the device components are the same, we take it as a primary consideration for a laptop as a computer.

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2. Operating System in it :

A system can run with a combination of both hardware and software. In computers, we use different Operating Systems like Microsoft, Linux, etc.

All the Operating Systems that are suitable for a desktop computer are compatible with laptops, too. So whatever we do on a desktop PC is possible to do with a laptop.

3. Type of use :

As I said earlier, a computer is used in various places like Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Business, Research, and development, etc. Depends on the type of work we use desktop PCs or Laptops.

However, they both are designed for doing the same type of work like copying files, editing, programming, watching videos, virtual meetings, etc.

So, it seems there is nothing much difference between a desktop computer and a laptop. And hence we can call a laptop a computer. And this computer is used by an individual for his/her own purpose, then it is considered as a Personal Computer.

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