Is it worth buying Apple iPhone SE 2 in 2021?

Apple iPhone 11 mobiles became very popular, mainly because of its low price with extreme features. Triple camera, waterproof technology, ultra-wide-angle mode, super-fast A13 Bionic processor, and more make this model unique.

Since the iPhone is one of the top models in the mobile market it doesn’t survive much in developing countries and underdeveloped countries as well just because of its big price. To overcome this Apple company shows some interest to minimize the cost of its products.

SE stands

Apple announced its latest model iPhone SE 2‘ two days ago. The first model of iPhone SE was released on March 31st, 2016 at the Town Hall auditorium on the Apple campus by Apple executive Greg Joswick. The iPhone SE stands for the Special Edition of the iPhone.

iPhone SE 1st Gen
iPhone SE 1st Gen

Why Apple show interest in this model only? Simple, it is just because of its popularity. The iPhone SE gives a significant experience to its users with its performance and also the price is cheap to other models. So Apple company decides to upgrade this model.

By considering all of its specifications below, it is absolutely worth to buy iPhones SE 2 in 2021.

The best features in ‘iPhone SE 2020’

Like any other mobile ‘SE 2020’ also has some good and some average features in it. Cheap in cost, small, and beast in performance. Let’s have a look at its features.

The iPhone SE 2 screen and display

Well, the first thing we look at the phone is its screen. The iPhone SE 2 has a 4.7 inch IPS LCD. The screen size is small, with 65.23% to all the body of the phone. Multi-touch featured with 750*1344 pixels’ screen resolution. The resolution is not much great when compared with the AMOLED displays.

Powerful A13 Bionic processor

The latest A13 Bionic processor is used in iPhone SE 2020 edition. It is the fastest iPhone processor Apple ever made. A13 Bionic Chip was launched on September 10, 2019. The chip has 6 cores with a 2.66 GHz CPU clock rate. That means it can able to do nearly 5 trillion operations in a second.

There is a conflict between A13 and Snapdragon 865. Almost both processors gave the same speed, but in the case of rendering and some other aspects, A13 beats snapdragon 865 and stood in the first place. So that in performance vise, iPhone SE 2020 gives ultimate user experience.

The iPhone SE 2020 default operating system is iOS-13, and now it can update with the new iOS-14. There are a lot more features in it.

Storage variations

The SE 2020 edition came with the three storage variants. It doesn’t have an expandable storage facility.

1.3 Gb64 GbINR. 42,000
2.3 Gb128 GbINR. 48,000
3.3 Gb256 GbINR. 58,000
iPhone SE 2020 PRICE RANGE


The outer body of the device is made with mineral glass. The home button is present on this device and, as usual, the fingerprint sensor is on the Home button. But here is a disadvantage with the home button, it minimizes the screen. And also there is no facial identification unlock.

Though it is small, the company placed the Apple logo in the middle to match all the latest iPhone mobiles.


It is IP67 water-resistant capable. That means the device can work under the water of 1-meter depth for about 30 minutes. What does IP67 stand for?

Camera view

The camera is also one of the major perspectives we are seeing now. The iPhone SE 2020 has 12 MP rear camera and 7 MP at the front. Single rear camera with ISO capability. It has an image resolution of 4000*3000 pixels and video resolution 1920*1080 30f/sec. Impressible 4K video recording. Image stabilization and retina flash exist. And we can zoom objects up to five times.

Battery capacity

Low battery capacity that is 1821 mAh. The type of battery is Lithium-ion. It supports quick charging so that the device gets fully charged in 60 minutes. We are not able to replace this battery.


The new iPhone SE 2020 has two sim ports. The 4G bands support both and also we can use 3G and 2G networks in this mobile. Connect Wi-Fi with up to 5GHz signal frequency.

It supports with VoLTE 4G network. I faced a problem with my iPhone 5S. It works with LTE but not VoLTE 4G network. iPhone 5S is my favorite piece ever. So it became hard for me to shift to another mobile.

The Best features

Some drawbacks

These are the things that we don’t want in iPhone SE 2020.

  • No night vision mode
  • We need a dual camera at least, in this budget.
  • Notch and home button occupies more space
  • No type-c port
  • Low battery capacity

Most of the people think that iPhone XR is a better choice instead of iPhone SE 2020. Why do they say so? Most of the features are similar in both devices. But here, we can compare the best differences between these two models.

iPhone SE 2020 vs iPhone XR

FeaturesiPhone SE 2020iPhone XR
Chip usedA13 BionicA12 Bionic
Operating SystemiOS-13 (iOS-14 update present)iOS-12 (iOS-14 update present)
Battery1821 mAh2942 mAh
Display size4.7” (11.94 cm)6.1” (15.49 cm)
FingerprintAvailable on the home buttonNot available
Face unlockNot availableAvailable
Launch dateMay 19, 2020October 26, 2018
Build qualityMineral glassGorilla glass
Weight148 grams194 grams
Height138.4 mm150.9 mm
Colors availableBlack, Red, WhiteBlack, Red, White, Yellow, Blue, Coral
Display Aspect ratio16:919:5:9
Screen resolution750*1344 pixel828*1792 pixel
Touch-typeCapacitive Touchscreen3D Touchscreen
Wireless ChargingAvailableAvailable
Storage variations64, 128, 256/364, 128, 256/3
Price Basic 64/3 is INR 42,000Basic 64/3 is INR. 52,000
iPhone SE 2 and iPhone XR comparis0n

Based on the above comparison, I prefer iPhone SE 2020. Why I choose it? See the conclusion. If you want to know more about iPhone XR, check their official website.

Also, most of them want to know which one is the best iPhone SE 2020 or iPhone 11. I think there is no comparison between them because iPhone 11 has extreme features when compared to iPhone SE 2020. Let’s have a look at the basic or main feature comparison.

iPhone SE 2020 vs iPhone 11

Basic specsiPhone SE 2020iPhone 11
PriceBasic 64/3 costs INR 42,000Basic 64/4 costs INR 68,000
ProcessorA13 BionicA13 Bionic
Display size4.7” (11.94 cm)6.1” (15.49 cm)
Display typeIPS LCDIPS LCD
Camera7 MP12 MP
Battery1821 mAh3110 mAh
Storage3 Gb RAM4 Gb RAM
Video recording3840*2160 @ 30 fps
1920*1080 @ 60 fps
1920*1080 @ 30 fps
iPhone SE 2 and iPhone 11 comparison

Of course, if the budget is not your problem, the iPhone 11 is best. Check their official website to know more about iPhone 11.


The special thing about iPhone SE 2 or iPhone SE 2020 is its low price that is $300. I wouldn’t say it is the least price ever but, at this price getting a brand new iPhone with the latest A13 processor that was used in $1000 iPhone is a big deal. The price ranges may vary in different countries.

My opinion is iPhone SE 2020 is the best one to buy in 2021 when compared to iPhone XR because of its performance and handy design. I always want my mobile small and beast in performance. So, I prefer iPhone SE 2020.

If you think like me, then ‘SE 2’ is best for you. Otherwise, if you want a big screen and face lock, and more battery, etc, you will better go with iPhone XR.

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