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The iPhone battery replacement (DIY)

The iPhone mobiles are coming with the less battery capacity when compared to android mobiles. There is no specific reason for this, except the Apple company doesn’t lose its uniqueness in the market.

The iPhone has a less battery with high optimization capability. This is one reason people like iPhones. Battery optimization improved a lot in Apple devices with the recent update of iOS-14.

iPhone 7
iPhone 7

What is the maximum capacity of the iPhone battery?

The maximum battery capacity of the iPhone battery is 3,678mAh, and it is the iPhone 12 Pro Max battery capacity. But it’s competing brand Samsung is giving 7000mAh (almost double to iPhone) batteries in android and it is affordable too.

While coming to the performance wise, the iPhone battery is good at working with only maximum battery health capacity (80 to 100%).

The Apple company says that an iPhone device can maintain good battery health (80 to 100%) with 500 complete charge cycles. After that, the battery health may get down.

Is it necessary to replace your iPhone battery?

I just want to ask you a serious question here. Do you really need to replace your iPhone battery? This question needs to consider a lot of information about your device.

I want to consider this five things and after that we can able to decide whether the replacement of the battery is necessary or not.

  1. Battery Health
  2. Usage statistics
  3. Performance issues
  4. Problem with rebooting
  5. Sudden Power drops

Battery Health:

Battery Health is one of the iconic feature in the iOS system that gives the overall efficiency of the iPhone battery. We can estimate the capacity and performance of the iPhone device with this feature. The iPhones are good with 80-100% battery health.

Android has ‘Battery usage monitoring’, but in iOS ‘Battery Health’ feature also present along with the usage monitoring.

Battery percentage is different with Battery Health capacity. To know the Battery Health of your iPhone follow these steps.

  • Open the settings on your iPhone.
  • Select the ‘Battery’ option in the settings.
  • There you can the ‘Battery Health’ feature. Tap on it.

Then it will show your iPhone battery capacity. For example, your iPhone battery health is 92, then it will be perfectly alright and check the other four things.

If the battery health is under 80% then it is a sign of warn to replace your battery.

iPhone 7 Battery Health
The maximum capacity of Battery Health is under recommendation 80%

This is one of my friend’s iPhone. It has a 77% battery health. But his device doesn’t trouble him with the below four things.

So, I suggest that he can be able to use the existing battery for some days (If he wants). Otherwise, battery replacement is the best option.

Usage statistics:

Are you spending so much time on using your iPhone? Then this thing is for you. Make sure you are using every app you installed. Because most of the people have unwanted apps or unused apps in their devices.

The unused apps consume battery bower in the background. The single app consumes less power, but the more unused apps consume more power.

If any specific app consumes more power in the background and you need that application on your device, then we can use the ‘Background App Refresh’ feature.

Background App Refresh
Save your iPhone battery by turning off ‘Background App Refresh’

We can disable the background process of unwanted apps by this ‘Background App Refresh’ feature. It helps to save the battery.

And use the maximum display brightness only if required.

I’m saying this because the more unwanted apps with maximum display brightness consume too much power. And this makes you feel that your iPhone battery has some trouble.

If in case your device consumes much power, even if it is in optimized mode, then you really need to think about it.

Performance Issues:

Performance is one of the major factor in Apple devices to get very much craze in the market. Like the iPhone battery, iPhones have less RAM compared to Android.

A 2GB RAM iPhone device can compete with the 4GB RAM Android device. This will show the quality of iPhones. The High-end mobile in Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max has 6GB RAM only.

But if an iPhone has inefficient battery power, it continuously makes app crashes and performance lag.

App crash and performance lag in your iPhone clearly signs the mobile device needs the battery replacement.

Problem with rebooting:

How you will feel, if your iPhone reboot by itself while using? It is so weird. A bad power source to the iPhones causes its reboot automatically.

This is the next stage to the above performance issues on iPhone.

If you are in this stage, I strongly recommend you to replace your iPhone battery as early as possible. Because at this stage, the battery may get swallowed. Swallowed batteries are too dangerous.

The present mobile technology is coming with the non removable battery structure. In this structure, we cannot find the physical condition of the battery in the device.

So, don’t take risk, replace your battery immediately at this stage.

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Sudden Power drops:

This problem frequently arrived in Android devices. If a device is with 65% battery and drops the power from 65 to 32% then it is a clear sign of critical battery issue.

Like rebooting problem, power drop is also the main issue. And in both cases we don’t have other option except a battery replacement.

Based on your device status, you would choose which one is the best option? If battery replacement is the right option for your device, Here you can find how to do it?

Can the iPhone battery be replaced?

Yes, If your iPhone is having app crash issues, power drop issues, or unwanted rebooting, then it is a perfect sign for your iPhone to replace its battery. We make the iPhone battery replacement by ourselves or we can give it to the service centers.

Most people think that battery replacement is a hard task and some people experience failure. But the successful attempts also happened. So I’m biased with the Do It Yourself Tech.

Solving our technical problems by ourselves helps us to improve our knowledge, and this is the primary aim of this blog.

We have two methods in iPhone Battery replacement process:

  • DIY and
  • iPhone repair service
    • iPhone service center
    • Local service center

Replace your iPhone battery by yourself (DIY):

Before going to start the process, I want to remind you of one thing. Do nothing blindly. Most of the connections in the mobile have sensitive and integrated connections. So, if you did anything wrong, you need to pay more.

At present, I can’t do the iPhone battery replacement by myself because of a lack of resources. But I can suggest to you the best tutorial on the web.

With this detailed information, you can simply make your iPhone battery replacement by yourself. Here the best thing is they provide the new battery with the required toolkit. Very nice, isn’t it?

iPhone repair service:

The other method is simply giving your iPhone to the iPhone repair service center. In the way of iPhone battery replacement, we have two types of iPhone service centers are available.

  • iPhone service center from Apple and
  • Local iPhone service center

Let’s have a look at both. So, you can find the perfect source among them.

=> iPhone service center from Apple:

This is the first and best service option for you. Because the Apple company itself provides the iPhone repair service. Here you can find their service details and the product requirements what they want.

The Apple service is available to the latest model devices with their specific requirements. If your device is eligible for Apple service, then go for it.

=> Local service center:

The second method is giving your iPhone to the local service center nearby you. Not all the people in the service centers are capable to do your work.

Make sure that you are giving your piece to the right hands.

You can take the help of ‘Siri’ in iPhone or ‘Google Assistant’ in Android to find the best service centers nearby you.

Based on the ranking, choose the best service center to replace your iPhone battery.


There is a myth called ‘heated mobiles have spoiled battery’. There is no guarantee for all the heated mobiles have battery issues. Because all the electronic gadgets emit energy as heat.

But the over heating also not suggestible.

So, you need to choose and analyze whether your device is heating in a part of its performance or over noticeable temperature.

Operating temperatures can’t harm to the iPhones.

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