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Do you need an IO shield?

As a desktop user, we all know that IO shield is a part of a computer. People say that it is not very much important and we can ignore that in a PC build. Some other people say that it is a useful thing that we must use to our computer. What is the fact?

What is an IO shield?

The IO shield is a thin steel piece that we used to protect our motherboard from dust. The primary purpose of an IO shield is to cover the unwanted area at the rear side of the CPU cabinet and give place to the required areas or ports of the motherboard. The IO shield is also called an Input-Output shield because its position is in between the Input to the monitor and Output from the CPU.

You can see the picture of an IO shield here.

IO shield
IO Shield

It is the IO shield to the Zebronics H55 motherboard. You can see the space available on the shield is for various ports on the motherboard.

However, the IO shields are not the same for every computer. The structure of an IO shield is based upon the design of its compatible motherboard.

Uses of IO shield :

The IO shield is lightweight compared to all other components. Before going to know its importance in a computer, we need to know the uses of an IO shield.

  • The primary use of an IO shield is to protect the PC from the dust
  • Protect from discharge currents
  • It makes good contact between the connectors
  • Helps to optimize the PC airflow
  • It controls the excess pressure while plugging in a cable

Dust and temperature are the two things that a computer wouldn’t bear. So, we need to control the dust entering our computer. The shield helps in this aspect.

Coming to temperature control, PC airflow optimization is useful.

Is it necessary to attach the IO shield to the Motherboard?

The thing is clear. Yes, we need an IO shield to protect our PC components like motherboard, processor, GPU, etc. The hardware components may get damaged because of heavy dust. If your PC location is not clean, then I highly recommend you place the shield to your CPU case.

If you have a clean environment with Air Conditioners in your room, then the IO shield is not compulsory. And nothing would happen without a shield in a CPU. But not every one of you has this kind of workplace. So, it’s better to place it.

How to install an IO shield?

Installing the IO shield on a Computer is actually a simple task. However, there is no need to know this process to every one of you. So I provide this information for those who want to know the installation process of an IO shield in a computer.

  • Make sure that you installed the stock cooler on the board before placing the IO shield. Even you can install the stock cooler after placing the motherboard in the CPU cabinet. But it is hard. And the chance of hardware damage is high. So I do not recommend this.
  • Place the IO shield in the right position on your motherboard (Observe the ports matching)
  • Install the motherboard in a cabinet correctly. Here IO shield is between the cabinet rear panel and the motherboard. It’s okay to put some pressure to find the holes and fix the screws.

Sometimes, the motherboards are not coming with an IO shield. In that situation, you can use the one that you already have. Otherwise, buy the new one in the stores. If the IO shield is not compatible with the motherboard, you may find trouble while using the ports of the motherboard. You can add or remove the space on the shield based on the requirement.

Conclusion :

The IO shield is a compulsory part, and it is an optional part too, sometimes. But this all depends on you (the user), and your work environment.

In my CPU case, I have an IO shield protection. Does your CPU have this? Answer me with a comment.

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