India bans 59 apps from China because of security reasons

India and China are two strong nations in the world. And also the most populated countries. In the field of technology, China is a step forward to India. There is a lot of reasons for that. One main reason is India follows the caste reservation system. Suppose if a higher caste person got 90% marks and lower caste person got 30% marks, the job priority goes to the lower caste person even he got fewer marks.

This kind of bias not accepted by many Indians. The person who got 90% marks will go to foreign and settled there. Like this the Indian talent shifts to foreign countries. China got the advantage with the drawback in India. China makes its brand ‘made in China’ and spread to all over the world. India is one of the best customers of China’s products and its companies.

According to the World Trade Organization, there is no restriction on buying and selling one country’s goods to any other country. Chinese apps, products, and companies making huge profits from India. All profitable companies must pay taxes to the China government. And the government uses this money to develop its military and advanced research and technologies.

List of Chinese apps banned in India-

The Indian government decided to ban 59 Chinese apps and officially announced it on 29th June 2020. There is a popular application ‘Tik Tok’ among these 59 apps. India ranks number one on the usage of this Chinese application ‘Tik Tok’. Really it is a big loss the Chinese companies to lost a good marketing country India. These are the list of Chinese applications which are banned in India.

59 Chinese apps which are banned in India

The reason behind this ban is to protect the data of Indians. The Chinese apps are not trustworthy in India because of the border issue between India and China. India believes that there is a threat of Indians data leakage from Chinese companies to the China government. So for security purposes, India decided to ban Chinese apps. This is the official reason India has stand-by.

This is not the first time that Chinese applications got allegations. Because of the data threat, a against Zoom app was filed in the Supreme court. Even the Zoom application is from America, its servers are from China. Chinese applications are running in India for decades. Particularly now the Indian government took care of data protection. Why?

The unofficial reasons

The unofficial reasons are there to take the decision of banning 59 apps from China. In fact, these are the actual reasons behind the banning. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Border Issue

China raised the border issue by occupying galwan valley, Ladakh. The Indian soldiers to make it happen. So there was a clash between India and China armies. In that clash, 20 Indian troops were killed. Chinese government hides information about its soldiers. In respect of the 20 Indian troops, the people in India protest against China and its products and applications. So the government took the decision to ban 59 apps from China.

China wants to occupy galwan valley because of its geographical advantage. From there the Chinese military can easily find out the actions of the Indian military. Have a look at BBC news on this issue.

2. No longer financial support

India is a big marketing country in China. Mobiles, gadgets, electronics, electric materials, goods, car spear parts, computers, etc are the products importing from China. Indirectly, the Indians are the reason for China’s development. This is how it happens.

  • Indians buy Chinese products
  • Chinese products belong to Chinese companies
  • The Chinese companies need to pay taxes to the Chinese government based on their profits
  • The Chinese government collect the taxes from the companies and uses it on their country military force and research and development
  • And military force is the first priority of every country to protect from other countries
  • This way Indians indirectly helps for the growth of the Chinese economy

3. ‘make in India’

India decides to encourage local technology. Because of importing other country products and using their technology, our technology enhancement wouldn’t occur. So the Indian government decided to encourage youth and the mission ‘Make in India’ successful. This is also a reason for banning.

From the past few years, Indians are too dependent on Chinese products. To stop this the Indian government took a wise decision of banning most popular Chinese applications in India. And also the Modi government encourages the youth in India to come with more innovative thoughts and create the alternatives of these 59 applications.

Alternatives for 59 Chinese apps-

These 59 Chinese apps were banned in India. And the alternatives of them are in usage.

S.NoChinese AppsAlternative Apps
1.Tik TokRoposo
2.ShareitJio Share
4.UC BrowserChrome Browser
5.Baidu MapGoogle Maps
6.SheinAmazon, Flipcart
7.Clash of KingsClash Royale
8.DU Battery SaverBit Defender
11.YouCam makeupB612
12.Mi communityGoogle
13.CM browsersChrome Browser
14.Virus Cleaner360 Security
15.APUS BrowserJio Browser
17.Club FactoryFlipcart
18.NewsdogGoogle News
19.Beauty plusB612
20.We ChatWhat’s app
21.UC NewsGoogle News
22.QQ MailGmail
23.WeiboJio Browser
24.XenderJio Share, ShareChat
25.QQ MusicJio Saavn
26.QQ NewsfeedGoogle News
27.Bigo LiveRoposo
28.Selfie CityIndian Selfie Camera, B612
29.Mail MasterGmail
30.Parallel SpaceApp Cloner
31.Mi Video CallGoogle Duo, Skype
32.WeSyncGoogle Sync
33.ES File ExplorerGoogle Files Go
34.Viva VideoKineMaster
36.Vigo VideoKineMaster
37.New Video statusMX Player
38.DU RecorderGoogle Notes
39.VaultNorton App Lock
40.Cache Cleaner DU App studio360 Security
41.DU Cleaner360 Security
42.DU BrowserJio Browser
43.Hago play with new friendsJio Chat
44.Cam ScannerAdobe Scanner
45.Clean MasterFiles Go
46.Wonder CameraB612
47.Photo WonderB612
48.QQ PlayerJio Saavn
49.We MeetGoogle Meet
50.Sweet selfieB612
51.Baidu TranslateGoogle Translate
52.VMateJio Browser
53.QQ InternationalGoogle News
54.QQ Security Cleaner360 Security
55.QQ LauncherMicrosoft launcher
56.U VideoMX Video
57.V Fly Status VideoMX Video
58.Mobile LegendsFree Fire
59.DU PrivacyBit Defender

Maybe the alternative apps are changed in the coming days because India focuses on the design and development of software applications. But for now, these are our best priorities. And the Google apps have enough flexibility with high protection. So I suggest you use them. Google provides more than 150+ services, so use them according to your convenience.

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