How to shut down a computer?

We have different possibilities to shut down a computer. Before going to find what are they and which one is the best among them, we need to know the meaning of a computer shutdown.

What is shut down in the computer?

The shutdown is a process of closing all the running programs in a computer and make it OFF. The shutdown process is a very general way to make the computer inactive. The simple way to shut down a computer is by using a keyboard shortcut (Alt+F4). Use this shortcut on the desktop. The shutdown options will display. By default, Windows choose ‘shut down a PC’ if you are ok with that, click ‘Enter’ to proceed. Now your PC will shut down.

Let’s see some other ways to shut down a computer…

Through power button :

You’ll find the power button on your CPU or on your laptop. Don’t know what the power button means? Click here. Press on the power button, then your PC will get to shut down. Remember, it is a pre-defined function. If you choose what your power buttons do, then accordingly it will do. To change its actions, follow these steps.

  • Type ‘control panel‘ on the search bar. The control panel app will display. Click on it.
  • From the list of options, select ‘System and security.’ Then another set of options will display.
  • Among them, select ‘Change what the power buttons do‘ under the ‘Power options.’
  • Here you can change what the power buttons do. Select ‘Shut down’ to ‘When I press the power button’ and ‘When I press the sleep button.’ If you want, you can choose Hibernate, Lock, Sleep, whatever it may be.
Choose what power buttons do in Windows 10
Choose what power buttons do in Windows 10

By using a keyboard shortcut : (Alt+F4)

The other simple way to shut down a computer is by using a keyboard shortcut (Alt+F4). When you use this shortcut on your display, the shutdown options will display. Select the required action that you want among the list like Hibernate, Sleep, Lock, Switch user, shutdown, and click ‘Enter.’ By default, Windows choose the option ‘shut down’ readily to perform.

When you use a keyboard shortcut Alt+F4, the shut down options will display
When you use a keyboard shortcut Alt+F4, the shutdown options will display

Shortcut for Quick access: (Cntrl+Alt+Del)

Use this shortcut (Cntrl+Alt+Del). You’ll get a new tab displaying quick actions to perform. There you can find the power symbol at the bottom right, click on it. Then the shut down options will display. Choose one of them to perform.

Quick action settings
Quick action settings

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