How to clean RAM? [A definitive guide]

RAM storage is one of the compulsory parts of a computer. Not only computer, electronic machines that are using artificial intelligence to work needs RAM memory.

The low-quality RAM sticks of a computer will get rust. Today, we will see how to remove rust or clean RAM sticks of a computer?

Is your PC working not well? The malfunction of the RAM stick might be the reason. We find the working potential of a RAM stick in two cases.

  1. First, we need to look at the RAM stick in detail to find damage (if exists). Our naked eye is enough to confirm whether the stick has a problem or not.
  2. The other thing is its performance. We can see the performance of RAM while using it.

Malfunctioning of Random Access Memory (RAM) can cause severe issues like Blue Screen of Death.

The moisture in the atmosphere can cause the rust on the RAM stick.

We can remove the rust on a RAM stick by using an eraser. Take a normal eraser that is used to rub the pencil writing. Rub with an eraser on the stick horizontal. Go gentle. You will see that the rusted area on the stick will reduce gradually. If you feel that the stick is ready to insert on the board, stop erasing and mount it on the board. Now, you don’t have a problem with the rust on the RAM stick.

This is the practical method that I used to remove the rust on my RAM.

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