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Today we are going to see how to change the desktop background on your PC in three steps.

Before that, I want you to know the basic thing.

What is a desktop background?

The desktop background is nothing but wallpaper on a PC. The stock wallpapers are based on the Operating System (OS). And they are common in every PC of the same OS. If we want, we can set an image as a desktop background. But the image must be in supported formats. The most common image formats are JPG and PNG.

If you have images in any other formats, you can use converters like jpg to png converter, png to jpg converter, etc.

Change desktop background

In Windows 10 Operating System, an image with Windows logo is coming as the desktop background wallpaper. If we want, we can change it by following the steps below.

1. Right-click on the desktop and select ‘personalize’

I have Steve Jobs’s image as my desktop background. By default, in a new PC, Windows image as a desktop background.

Whatever the image you have on the desktop, right-click on it to change it.

The options will display as shown in the picture below. Select the ‘Personalize’ option from them. It is located at the very bottom.

2. Tap on ‘Browse’ to select an image

After completing the first step, the page on the second step will display

how to change desktop background [step-by-step]
how to change desktop background [step-by-step]

There you can tap on the ‘Browse’ option to select an image for your desktop background. Don’t touch the ‘Background’ and ‘Choose a Fit’ options because they are good to keep by default.

After you tap on ‘Browse,’ the second step will complete.

3. Select an image and click on ‘Choose picture’

Now the new tab will display. By default, OS displays the pictures on the root folder. If you want, you can change the folder and choose the picture, whatever you want.

After selecting the picture that you want to keep as your desktop background, click on ‘Choose picture.’ That’s all.

You’ve changed your desktop background.

By looking at the above picture, you’ll get the step-by-step process of how I changed my desktop background from Steve Jobs to Einstein.

How to change lock screen wallpaper Windows 10?

Just like the desktop background, changing the lock screen wallpaper is also an easy task.

1. Select ‘Personalize’ from desktop

Right-click on your desktop. The list of options will display. Select ‘Personalize’ among them.

2. Select lock screen

The ‘Personalization’ tab will open. You need to select the option of ‘lock screen’ to get lock screen personalization settings.

On that page, tap on the ‘Browse’ option (just like the above process).

3. Browse an image that you want

Next, the OS will display the ‘picture’ folder in File Explorer. Select the picture from your files and click on ‘Choose picture.’ Now you’ve changed the lock screen wallpaper of your PC.

If you have any trouble while doing this, let me know with a comment.

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