How Bluetooth works?

Bluetooth is a very commonly used technology in our day to day lifestyle. Do you ever think, How Bluetooth is working and what type of technology used in it? You came to the right place to know. As per the usual definition, simply we can call Bluetooth is a wireless connection or wireless technology but according to the technical terminology it can be stated as…

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless connecting network that is completely based on the radio frequency signals having ranges between 2.400 GHz to 2.483.5 GHz is used to connect a device with other devices(up to 8 devices). With this invention, we can easily access almost all our electronic devices like phones, laptops, headphones, keyboards, mouses, TVs, etc.

Who invented Bluetooth & Why it call so?

In 1989 Dr.Nils Rydbeck was the chief technology officer at Ericsson mobiles and he collaborated with Dr.Johan Ullman who has an idea about Bluetooth for the first time. Since its a major project to do, they brought Dr.Jaap Haartsen. After five years of Dr.Jaap the effort, he made the output of the project but it was not able to work properly.

After making changes they released the first model of Bluetooth in 1999 at Comdex computer exposition and trade show in Las Vegas that is totally a hands-free technology. The name Bluetooth is coming form the Historical book let’s see how it is?

At the time of this invention, three companies are looking for technology to connect computers and other devices wirelessly. Those companies are Intel, Ericsson, and Nokia. Jim Kardach who was working for Intel read a historical book and inspired by the character Harald Bluetooth who unites Denmark and Norway. He proposed Bluetooth’s name for this wireless technology. Later it was officially announced.

One of the most popular wireless technology Bluetooth Logo. Pic credit: By Skarr21 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Is there any change in Bluetooth from the time of invention to now?

From the time of the invention to now Bluetooth technology has been upgraded a lot. Intel, IBM, Ericsson, Nokia, and Toshiba are decided to form a group especially to develop Bluetooth technology in 1998, and still, it was running with the collaboration of almost 30,000 companies with the name Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group).

Like any other company, Bluetooth also wants to give you the best user experience. To achieve this Bluetooth has upgraded from its first version 1.o to the present version 5.2 step by step. Useful features of the present generation Bluetooth are…

  • The connection is highly protected with a password.
  • Passwords can save automatically.
  • The discoverable feature exists.
  • Connect to our ecosystem within seconds.
  • low power required.
  • Enable file sharing and receiving.

Technical view :

The software we are using in our Bluetooth devices is mainly to connect a device to others. To prevent the clash of various signals from various devices Bluetooth is used to change its frequency every time that is almost 1600 times a second. So signal jamming does not occur. With a Bluetooth signal, up to 8 devices can able to connect around 10 meters range.

Bluetooth is mainly a hardware-based technology. And it looks like

A Dell laptop Bluetooth chip. Pic Credit: By User: Omegatron – Taken by User: Omegatron using a Canon Powershot SD110, modified in Photo Acute and The GIMP, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Hardware or Bluetooth chip from a Dell laptop. However, it doesn’t need to be the same on all devices. Based upon the device outlook and its features the chip has been constructed.

Bluetooth chip has a radio device, responsible to modulate and transmit data through the radio signals and also the chip has a digital controller, it works like a CPU and has a protocol to interact with the device we are using called Link controller protocol. And also software called Link manager that has the function of communicating with other devices. We will do this project practically.

Do you know this?

King Harald has a blue colored tooth and so he was called Harald Bluetooth.

Bluetooth medical equipment was used in Hospitals to enhance patient care.

Apple and Google phones upgraded to wireless. we can expect more companies in the future.

Bluetooth consumes less power that is less than 2.5 mW.

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