Hibernate vs Sleep Windows 10: Which is the best mode?

In Windows 10 Operating System, we have a lot of good features. The Hibernate and Sleep modes are two of them. Today, we are going to see Hibernate vs Sleep, and find which one is best for a PC.

The hibernation is nothing but a shutdown without losing our data. But we can’t shut down our PC in sleep mode. However, we use sleep mode to save power consumption in a computer. So sleep mode is the best choice for laptops and hibernate mode is suitable for both desktop PCs and laptops.

Before going to conclude which one is best, you need to know the basic information about the Hibernate mode Windows 10. Here is the complete guide you can go through…

I use hibernate mode a lot than sleep mode on my PC. However, you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of sleep mode Windows 10.

If you read the above two articles, you’ll get almost everything about Hibernate and sleep modes in Windows 10.

All the shutdown options like Shutdown, Hibernate, Sleep, Switch user, Lock, and Restart have their unique functionalities. Use them according to your requirements.

If it comes to power consumption, obviously hibernate is better than sleep mode because in sleep mode the PC remains to turn ON and all your data in it is kept running even you are not using it.

But in hibernate mode, your data will get saved into a hard disk and the PC will shut down. When you turn ON your desktop PC or laptop, you’ll get your PC where you left off. In between, the PC will not consume any power. So, it is better for laptops.

Which mode you like the most and use on your PC? Let me know with your comment.

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