Google step back on its decision of ‘Ad balance’ for publishers

Google was taken a wild decision in order to prevent spam or quality less advertisement. Wait a minute Do you know about Google Adsense. Well, no problem here we get into details briefly. Google Ad-sense is a kind of advertisement network that is powered by Google. It was released on June 18, 2003. It helps to make money not only Business magnets but also to the common people through placing Adds on their content. Let’s get into detail…

Google Adsense logo Pic source: Wiki Commons

Google Adsense is a web-based application that is specially designed for online publishers. It makes simple to get customers to the companies, organizations, online markets, institutes, etc. By getting huge for this concept in public. Google wants to bring another web application for the same purpose with additional features and it is called a Double click. But it is not popular as Google.

While coming to the present topic, Google usually gave updates to its software to provide up to date features and to avoid bugs in it. Not only Google, but any kind of software in the market must also give updates to achieve their stability. Google Adsense has been used in many categories which are on websites, YouTube, etc.

Google has released an update on January in 2017. This is an experimental update why because Google itself told so. And also it is an optional feature. Publishers gave feedback in order to oppose this. They requested Google to remove this ‘ad balance’ feature from Google Adsense. Because it shows much effect on their revenue.

The main of this update 2017 is to remove spam or quality fewer ads. In order to prevent spam, Google tries to remove that account which is responsible for those bad ads. So, Google thought there is no need to remove or filter each ad especially. And also it is a lengthy process to do. But the problem is, this is showing the effect on the publisher’s revenue. And also they suggest Google, this is not the right way to filter Google ads. So, Google took a step back on its decision of ad balance feature for the sake of publishers.

To avoid disturbances between them and for the sake of publishers, Google recently announced that

” We’re removing ad balance from Adsense accounts on May 20, 2020. We’ll also remove the ad balance experiment option, including all completed ad balance experiments, on this date. If you’re currently using ad balance or running ad balance experiments, we’ll email you with additional information. If you’re not using these features, then you don’t need to take any action. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to develop our products.”

The best thing in Google we like most is ‘ it is reliable and convenient to its customers’. As my intention, this is the main reason to make Google as one of the top companies in the world and also the mother of search engines. Ok, we’ve to wait for the May 2020 update on 20.

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