Gmail vs Email

Gmail vs Email: Which is better?

Do you have a Gmail account? I’m sure you must have it. But, what about an email account? Do you have it? Now if your answer is not sure, then the information on this page is for you.

Today you can see the meaning of Gmail and email, the differences between them, advantages, and conclude with the best one.

First, you need to know the meaning of mail and how it is useful.

In the olden days, grandparents write letters to talk with the people who are far away from them. Even though the process was working, there are some disadvantages.

  • Took a lot of time to convey the message
  • Unable to edit the message
  • Not sure whether the recipient receives the letter or not until he replied with another letter
  • It costs based on the distance

And the list will go on. This basic or old method of conversation is called mail or mailing.

In order to overcome the disadvantages of mailing, Ray Tomlinson created the technique ‘Email’ conversation in 1971. And he was the first person who sends an email message from one computer to another.

And he has introduced a new sign ‘@’ to the world. It specifics the sender and the receiver.

Raymond Tomlinson’s words about his creation

With Raymond’s invention, it is possible to instantly send and receive messages with electronic devices like computers, mobiles, laptops, etc. And the process is called Electronic mail (Email). In the 1980s, email conversations are very popular.

They used the ARPANET for email messaging then. Later, many changes occurred in email and the internet as well. If you don’t know what ARPANET means and how the internet is working, here is the guide to how does the internet works.

Are email and Gmail the same?

People don’t know what Gmail means until the 21st century.

Google was established in 1998. But it was only a search engine back then. Slowly, the company Google started showing its rage to the world and the Gmail feature was added to their list in 2004.

From then onwards, users need to create a Gmail account in order to use their complete facilities.

Today, Google is providing over 150+ services and it’s hard to use the Signup form for every service. So, the Gmail account can make this process easy.

Google will take the information that they want when you are creating your Gmail account. And use this account information whenever you are using their service or feature.

As discussed earlier, email is the Electronic mailing program. And Gmail is also an Electronic mailing program that is provided by Google. With normal email, you can only send and receive messages. But with Gmail, you can use their 150+ services along with the communication.

Now you know the meaning of Gmail and its importance. If you want to use Gmail services efficiently, here is a book called ‘Guide to Gmail‘ by Lycan Books on Amazon that will help you.

Gmail vs Email

Still, things need to be clear.

Coming to the query ‘Gmail vs Email.’ We need to consider various factors to find the best one.

Gmail vs Email

Even though the mailing action can be done with both Gmail and Email, there are a lot of things that could differ in them. Let’s take a look at the primary ones.

Mail sourceElectronic mail or EmailGoogle’s mail or Gmail
Mailing possibilitiesCompanies like Google, Yahoo, Rediff, etc, are providing their own email servicesOnly Google has entire authority to provide features and services
Adds displayAdvertisements may or may not have based on the providerAdvertisements exist based on the user.
Data securityLess secureGoogle secures user data
Profile SyncSync across devices is possibleGoogle syncs all your data across all your devices
Advanced featuresLess or no advanced features Advanced features present and they are up-to-date
General featuresNo access to use other features except mailingHas access to connect with Google’s Ecosystem
CostAbsolutely free to create a new oneA normal Gmail is free to create but G-Suite costs you
Gmail vs Email difference table

The above difference table will show you the considerable differences between Gmail and Email.

Now we will find the best one.

What matters if it comes to the best? It will give a lot of features at cheap or at no cost.

In that aspect, Google will definitely beat the normal mailing system because Gmail is providing ultimate services for absolutely free.

Unique advantages of Google or Gmail.

  • You can get 15 GB of free cloud storage
  • One of the best browser’s chrome will get into access
  • Watch, create a playlist and create your own YouTube channel (a passive income source)
  • You can create your own blog at Blogger (another solid income source)
  • Get freemium business tools at Google My Business and more…

Get the complete Google facilities and features here. Due to all these, Gmail is the best mailing service provider compared to Email.

Can I use Gmail instead of email?

If you ask me to suggest the best one, “Create a Gmail or Google account now.” The reason why I’m saying this is, you can use the internet safely with Google.

Remember, you need to set a strong password to your account. Otherwise, the hackers will get a key to your lock. However, you need to know how to create a strong password. So that you can protect your profiles on the internet.

Either Gmail or email or any other account, you need to use these options before accessing your account.


The words Gmail, Email gives a bit of confusion to you. I think now you get clarity on what Gmail and Email are and why Gmail is best compared to email.

If you found this content helpful, then drop your mail. I’ll say ‘Hi’ to you in your mail inbox.

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