Best Free VPN in 2021 [Let No one Track You]

I know, we are the people who completely depend on the internet these days. But, here is my question, have you ever think about your security online? By reading this piece of content, you’ll get to know how to protect yourself in this digital world.

Internet is nothing but the digital data transmission from one place to another or from one computer to another. In this transmission, our data gone to be public.

Famous companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc, know the value of our data and they have high protection system. There is no problem of sharing our data with them.

But the problem occurs when you are trying to use third-party services. For example, when you’re browsing, a third-party software will install in your PC (without your permission). It shows that your security system is weak in your PC and the installed software is pure malware.

Remember, without your permission, nothing can occupy space on your PC (not even a single text file). For this VPN networks will help. Before going to talk about different free VPN services, you need to know about VPN and how it is working?

Note: Microsoft giving security updates frequently on Windows 10. This helps to improve security protection on your PC.

What is a VPN?

VPN means Virtual Private Network. It is a fake network that we were created and used to secure our identity in the digital world. Our user name, IP address, Location were not revealed to anyone. In simple words, VPN covers our identity with a fake one. So there is no chance of any hacker to find your information.

What are the uses of a VPN?

  • Secure Browsing
  • No limits on the Internet
  • Torrent downloads
  • Ad-free access
  • Safe money transaction or cryptocurrency
  • Bypass Internet restriction
  • Secure Gaming
  • Bypass price discrimination

Top 5 Free VPN services-

All the above advantages make us to use a VPN. There are a lot of websites on the internet to provide VPN services. Here I wanna share with you the best and free among them.

  1. Opera VPN
  2. WindscribeVPN
  3. Hotspot ShieldVPN
  4. Hide.meVPN
  5. ProtonVPN

Opera VPN

Compatible devices are Android, iOS, Windows, macOS

Opera provides one of the free VPN services to its users. But you need to install the browser to access this Opera Virtual Private Network. It is a disadvantage for those who are using Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers as their default.

Opera Browser interface
Opera Browser interface

But the best advantage of OperaVPN is, it provides unlimited bandwidth. And there is no need to register ourselves to use it. The browser has an ad-block feature along with VPN.

Is Opera VPN safe?

We are looking for hiding our identity. Since it is a normal browser just like Chrome, Firefox, etc, VPN is a part of it. So, there are many other things their engineers need to focus. I’ve used their browser and VPN feature. They are not bad and these are the problems that I’ve faced while browsing on Opera.

  • Even VPN connected, our IP address doesn’t change means low security
  • Low-frequency bandwidth
  • Video loadings are intolerable

However, if you want to do add-free browsing and able to access VPN in the browser itself, then the Opera browser is the good choice for you. Get the Opera browser here.

Windscribe VPN

Compatible devices are Android, iOS, Windows, macOS

This VPN is perfectly suited for light VPN users. Windscribe provides 10 GB of data for free and it provides easy accessibility when compared to other VPN networks. We are able to access 10 countries blocked content.

Windscribe interface
Windscribe interface

It supports torrent downloads. They can provide the Web app and also the browser extension. So that you can connect VPN in your default browser itself. Here you can get an additional 1 GB data monthly by referring a friend.

For simple and fast use I suggest Windscribe, download here.

Hotspot Shield VPN

Compatible devices are Android, iOS, Windows, macOS

This service provides 15 GB of free data monthly. Military-grade encryption gives you high-level protection. It also supports the P2P network, hence you can able to download torrent files with this VPN.

The main disadvantage is it has only a US server to connect for a free version. And it shows ads while using it.

Hotspot Shield interface
Hotspot Shield

This is best for casual internet users who are looking for extreme speed VPN. And also it is best for the premium version also with having the accessibility of 3,200 servers in 70+ countries. The premium version provides ad-free browsing with unlimited bandwidth. Get the Hotspot ShieldVPN here. VPN

Compatible devices are Android, iOS, Windows, macOS

They offered four-country servers freely with 10 GB monthly capability of free browsing data. It supports Peer to Peer P2P connections. So you can download torrent files with this network. We are able to access this VPN on one device at a time. logo logo

You can get unlimited bandwidth and data with paid plans. Free server accessing from four countries Germany, Netherlands, Canada, and the US. Supports one device at a time. Make an account of the Hide.meVPN here.

Proton VPN

Compatible devices are Android, iOS, Windows, macOS

I personally use ProtonVPN because of its unlimited bandwidth and easily accessible. The quick-connect feature helps you to connect the VPN quickly. They provide three-country servers that are very limited. The headquarters based in Switzerland where strong privacy laws are present.

ProtonVPN interface
ProtonVPN interface

I never disappoint while using this. Generally, most of the VPN users are bothered about their slow network. But in this ProtonVPN they connect you to the servers located in the US, Japan, and the Netherlands with high-speed data.

With the free version, we are unable to connect with the P2P network. So that we can’t able to get torrent downloads. They provide 30 days money-back guarantee. We will connect up to 10 devices with the paid plan. Get the download link of ProtonVPN here.

It’s good to know various types and choose the best one among them. In my view, these are the best in the market that are available for free.

Because they provide security and supportable for both mobile and desktop PC. Make sure to connect your device before going to access any unauthorized content on the internet.

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