Mobile battery draining

Why Mobile Phone battery draining fast? Here is how to fix it?

Mobile Phones are working with battery power or DC power. And that is why we have a problem with the availability of power in the device. With the DC power, we have both advantages and disadvantages too.

However, today’s topic is the battery draining issue in a mobile phone. We will see the causes of this problem, and also the solutions to avoid it.

Battery draining is the normal thing that happens in every mobile. But, fast battery draining is a problem. You need to find out your mobile phone battery performance before applying these tactics. Because these fixes may affect your friendly controls on your device.

Find your Battery performance :

Based on the different aspects like battery type, capacity, apps installed in a device, and time of use, etc, we need to consider the performance of the battery.

For example, a high battery capacity (5000 mAh) device consumes only under 2% charge at night. But in low battery (1500 mAh) devices, the charge consumes 3 to 5% or even more. Both are working under normal mode. However, a low battery device consumes more power than the other but that doesn’t mean it has a battery issue. Both devices performing well under their specific capabilities.

It’s ok to drain a mobile device battery under the listed range. But anything more than that, then you really have a serious battery issue. And it may lead to replacing your mobile phone battery. To avoid that, this list with quality fixes will help you.

Common reasons for mobile battery fast-draining :

Here is a list of common reasons for the mobile phone battery draining. Along with the problems, I’ll provide the fixes as well. So you can solve the issues by yourself without going to any repair service center.

  • Low Battery capacity
  • Too much display contrast
  • Background running apps
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, hotspot connections
  • Improper Network connections
  • Vibration mode
  • Outdated software
  • Battery lifetime expires
  • Problematic battery
  • Surrounding temperature

Let’s see them in detail.

Low battery capacity :

A low battery in a device and low battery capacity to a device are two different things. So don’t confuse. Low battery capacity to a device makes you feel that you have a battery draining issue in your phone. Here the problem is not with the device but the thinking.

Fix it :

However, you need to follow all the below fixes to make your battery performance stable and optimized.

I think you might have known this low battery capacity problem from the above example. If your battery capacity is not sufficient, even after you optimized the device, then the only effective way to solve this problem is to replace the current battery with the new one.

Maximum Display Brightness :

Display brightness is a normal known thing to all that consumes a lot of battery in your mobile. Along with the maximum display brightness, a colorful wallpaper or a live wallpaper consumes more power.

Fix it :

Use a black and white static wallpaper on your phone. It helps to save so much battery. And use the brightness of the device as per your requirement. My suggestion is to turn on the auto-brightness mode on your phone. It improves battery health.

Background Running Apps (Most common problem) :

Some of you might think that your phone is working less when you are not using it. But this is not right. Almost all the applications are coming with the background running permission requirements. Even the Built-in apps also require this permission.

For example, when you are watching a video on YouTube and you got a message from your friend on WhatsApp. This means the app (Whatsapp) running background and that is the reason you’ve got a notification even when you are not using it.

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Chrome, etc, all are the background running applications. The apps must need your permission to run in the background. And you gave them by the time of installation.

These multiple apps in the background consume a lot of power and make you feel that you have battery issues in your device. So, before taking serious actions like contacting repair service, and battery replacement, etc, first uninstall those unwanted applications from your device and give the app permissions for your requirements (not for the app’s sake).

Fix it :

No matter what device you are using, you must have controls to remove the unwanted apps and reduce the background running apps. But these settings interface vary from brand to brand.

App settings to control background running apps
App settings to control background running apps

This is my Mi device settings interface but it may be different from Samsung and other mobiles. These are the step-by-step actions to change the app permissions.

  • Settings >> Manage Apps >> Uninstall >> (to select and uninstall multiple apps at a time)
  • Settings >> Manage Apps >> Permissions >> (to change permissions of an individual app)

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS connections :

These are the normal settings in a device that we used to do a specific task. For example, if you want to share your location on Whatsapp with your friend, you need to turn on the GPS for that action. And it consumes more battery than normal.

Likely a hotspot network consumes more battery. Bluetooth consumes less battery compared to all other services like Wi-Fi, Hotspot, GPS, etc.

Fix it :

Use these services or connections only when you require them and turn off them if not in use.

Improper Network connection :

This problem occurs to those who travel a lot. A mobile network is connected to a specific regional tower. If you can move from one place to another, then the signal from the tower also needs to change. And this process consumes batter.

If your living and working places are same, then this might not a problem for you.

Fix it :

Use the airplane✈ mode to reduce the strain on the battery from connecting the networks in different regions. By this action, you may not able to get the phone calls. So use it, when you really want to save the battery.

Vibration mode :

Vibrating your phone makes it consume more power. Some of you use vibration along with phone calls. Also in silent mode and screen tappings, we use the vibrating feature.

Vibration mode is really useful in some situations, but it affects the battery consumption.

Fix it :

Turn off the vibration mode in settings. Follow these steps to take the action.

  • Settings >> Sound & Vibration >> Turn off
    • Also, vibrate for calls
    • Vibrate silent mode and
    • Vibrate on taps

Outdated Software :

Not every one of you has an up-to-date software version. If your battery drains fast unnecessarily, then this might be a reason. The outdated Operating Systems have so many bugs. And that’s why companies regularly sending their Operating systems to fix those bugs.

Each mobile brand is using a different OS like Mi phones have MIUI OS, iPhones had iOS, Samsung has Tizen, etc.

Fix it :

To fix this problem, you need to update your Operating System (Apps also recommended).

  • Settings >> About Phone >> System Update >> Check for updates

Battery Lifetime expires :

Let’s say your phone is old (4 years back piece) and the company stops giving updates to your model. In that case, you may have two reasons for your battery drain. One is the outdated software running on your mobile and the other is, your mobile battery ends.

Each battery has a specific lifetime of functioning. If it exceeds, no way to use that battery again.

Fix it :

To solve this issue, you just need to replace your mobile battery with the new one.

Problematic battery :

Heading itself says that your battery struggles with some problems and shows you the fast-draining state. There are so many reasons for a problematic battery.

  • Improper charging
  • Use the device while charging
  • Hard using like playing games, etc
  • The device is exposed to non-operating temperatures

These are the common reasons for a mobile battery to get into trouble.

Fix it :

I recommend you change your battery as early as possible in this case. Because you don’t know the condition of the battery inside the case. It may be swollen or expired.

It is very risky to use your phone in this situation.

Temperature Effect :

Let’s say that you are using your mobile in negative temperatures. In this state, along with the motherboard, the battery also affects a lot and starts malfunctioning.

Not only negative temperatures, but positive high temperatures also affect a lot to the mobile battery and it may lead to blast your phone.

Fix it :

So avoid keeping your phone in extreme temperatures. The chemical reaction inside the battery is not functioning properly at these temperatures.

Conclusion :

Now, I think you might have to know the reasons for your mobile phone battery draining. Follow the fixes to improve the battery lifespan and for good battery backup.

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