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What Motherboard do I have? Find in 30 SEC

The motherboard is one of the compulsory parts of a desktop PC and laptop.

Sometimes, you might want to know about your motherboard model and ask yourself “What motherboard do I have?”

Today, we will see the different ways of finding a motherboard model in a computer. These methods are simple and took less time.

Opening the CPU case and looking on the motherboard to find its model is an unusual thing. And this is a very risky approach in laptops.

So, here are some simple tricks to find the motherboard model.

Go with the ‘System information’

This is the easiest way to find out the motherboard model.

You just need to type “System information” on the search box in windows 10. While you typing the word ‘system’, Windows will suggest you the system information app on the results like this.

System information app result to a search
System information app result to a search

Click on the app (system information). A new tab will open. In this tab, you can find the required system information of your computer.

System information on my PC
System information on my PC

The highlighted area showing my motherboard model ‘Zebronics H55.’ On this page, you will find your system information and your motherboard model.

Run “msinfo32”

This is the alternate way to get into the system information tab.

Open Run (Windows Key+R) and type “msinfo32” – press Enter.

The same system information tab will open.

By third-party software

In this method, we use third-party software called CPUID to find the motherboard information. From their site, download the CPU-Z app and install it on your PC.

(Don’t worry. It is a trusted software by many tech guys. Still, if you find any trouble in using it, you can send the feedback in a form of a Bug Report.)

motherboard information on CPU-Z app
My system motherboard information on CPU-Z app

In the above picture, you can see the motherboard model and processor Intel i7 as well.

You can see the listed option in the app called the motherboard, CPU, Memory, Graphics, etc. This list helps us to find more about our system configuration.

The other software “Belarc Advisor”

Belarc Advisor is another free tool that is useful for analyzing system properties. I like the features that they provide in it.

Download and install the app from their site. It’s free and safe.

Open the app after finishing the installation, it took some time to analyses your system information and asks you to open a browser to show your system information.

My PC information

On the web page, you can find brief information about your hardware and software as well. This is the cool thing that we see in this software and not in others.

Give a command

The other way to know about your motherboard is through command. Follow the steps.

Type cmd and Enter on the search box on the taskbar (The command prompt will open).

In the command prompt page, type “wmic baseboard get product,Manufacturer,version,serialnumber.”

And it will show like this (motherboard model of your PC).

Motherboard model on command prompt
Motherboard model on command prompt

There are some other methods to identify the motherboard model. But these are best and easy to use.

What is the use of finding the motherboard of your PC?

Finding the motherboard model is important because of the following reasons:

  • We can analyze the system configuration based on the motherboard. A motherboard provides stock information on a computer means supportable RAM, Graphic Card, Processor, etc. And by this information, we can analyze the performance capability of a PC.
  • You can download drivers from your motherboard manufacturer (from their site). Drivers act as a lubricant to a machine. So, for a smooth-running PC, motherboard model identification is important.
  • RAM, Graphics card, PSU, Processor, etc., are must be compatible things to a motherboard in a PC build. If you make a mistake in a PC build by selecting incompatible components, your time and money will waste.
  • The performance of a PC depends on its motherboard based on its brand, model, type, etc.

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