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PC Drivers: What will happen if we don’t use them?

You came here to find the complete information about PC drivers. This page will help you to know everything about it. Here you’ll get to know about,

  • What is a PC driver?
  • How it is working? (Function)
  • Do we need it?
  • How many types of it? And more…

After reading this post, you can find and download drivers to any PC in front of you.

What is a PC driver?

A PC driver is nothing but a piece of software program that can sync with the hardware parts in a computer. It is just like a lubricant to a machine. We need to download it on our new PCs and keep up-to-date for smooth performing PC. It took a small amount of data and time to download and install on a PC.

In computers, some components are working without drivers. But, some computer parts must need drivers to work.

Just swipe to find which computer parts need PC drivers to work.

Importance of driver in a PC :

You get that PC drivers are like lubricants. Forget about drivers in a computer for a while. We all are using various machines on our daily basis. Car is also one of them.

If we face any trouble with our Car, we go to the repair service center near us. Based on the problem, the mechanic first looks at the lubricant level in a particular area. If it has enough level, then he’ll go to another fixing process.

This is the same method that applies to computers. Because computers are also a type of machine. And we use PC drivers for smooth functioning.

I think you’ll get the importance of drivers in a computer. A car without lubricant can’t move at all. Even if it can move in some conditions, it can’t release its maximum potential of working. And it leads the car may get damaged completely.

Just like that, the computer efficiency also dropped if we don’t use required drivers in it. In long-run, the computer parts will get damage.

Types of drivers :

Based on the hardware components we are using in a computer, the type of drivers we need to install. However, there are different types of drivers in a PC.

  • Motherboard drivers
  • Display drivers
  • Wi-Fi adapter drivers
  • Audio drivers
  • Bluetooth drivers
  • Keyboard and Mouse drivers
  • CD drivers
  • Hard disk drivers
  • External device drivers and more…

In the above list, there are some compulsorily required drivers to every PC and some are optional. For example, my CPU won’t have a CD drive, so the computer doesn’t ask me to download a CD drive.

The computer will find out whether a CPU has a CD drive or not with the help of an Operating System in it. The OS will collect the complete data from the hardware in a computer and make them in sync.

If there is any problem with the driver occurs, the PC driver itself can’t notify us what the problem is. But Operating System can do it.

There are many OSs out there. I’m using Windows 10 on my PC. It is more reliable compared to others.

How to download PC drivers?

We have seen the importance of drivers in a PC and various types of them. Now, you need to know how to find a PC whether it has up-to-date drivers or not.

Downloading and Updating PC drivers are classified into two types.

  1. The first one is ‘Windows automatic update’
  2. Manual update

Windows automatic update for drivers :

We use a lot of components in a PC. And it’s hard to find all the components that are installed or up-to-date. This is a lot of time waste process.

So, Windows will keep an eye on our PC components. It automatically downloads and installs the drivers that are missing in a computer.

For example, a normal PC with up-to-date drivers is present in front of you. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a Wi-Fi adapter. The motherboard didn’t have a built-in Wi-Fi feature. If you plug a Wi-Fi adapter on your PC to connect with the internet, the Windows OS will recognize the new hardware input and search for drivers and install it. So that a PC can connect with the internet.

Maybe you doubt how the internet will connect to a PC without a driver on it. Internet connection is possible to a PC without a driver. But, Windows requires a driver for the adapter to make its functioning smooth in a PC.

When the internet was connected to a PC, it looks on the Windows catalog for a suitable driver for the Wi-Fi adapter that you connect.

Whenever the new version of the driver available, the system will automatically update it (Only if you make the system updates automatic). Along with the driver updates, Windows will give the security patch updates for system stabilization.

Instructions to enable automatic updates in Windows 10 :

  • Open Settings
  • Click on the ‘Update and Security’ option
  • If you find the Windows update section is Green with a tag ‘No updates available,’ your PC has up-to-date drivers. (By default Windows 10 has an automatic update feature).
  • Do you pause the updates for any reason? Click on ‘Resume updates’ to enable automatic updates.
The two types of update actions in Windows 10
The two types of update actions in Windows 10

This is the Windows automatic system of downloading drivers to a PC.

It is good to save our time. But it doesn’t work every time. See the example…

Before Windows installation in a PC, the computer needs to do some basic actions like Booting, BIOS, etc. The system BIOS is also a type of driver in a PC. Motherboard operated it on a PC.

So to update BIOS in a computer, we need to give manual commands to it. Here Windows automatic system will not work.

Manual Update :

Just like the BIOS update in a PC, Windows can’t update some drivers even after we installed Windows 10 OS on a PC.

For example, take the GPU drivers.

The GPU drivers are the third-party drivers. So, Windows wasn’t sure about the installation of this type of hardware.

I’m using NVIDIA GT 710 on my PC. Windows didn’t download the drivers for this GPU.

So I went to the official site of NVIDIA for drivers. Type the model of my GPU on search. The results were displayed. The page shows the latest driver version present in their records. Then I download it and install it on my PC.

Once the driver of the CPU was installed in a PC, the control panel was unlocked. The control will help you to keep the GPU drivers up-to-date.

You can do the same for AMD GPUs as well.

You may ask me, “This is ok for GPU. What about the other component drivers?”

To know the complete computer hardware specifications, open computer management. Follow the steps to open.

  • Move your cursor to the Windows icon (located at the bottom left by default).
  • Right-click on it.
  • The list of options will display, select “computer management” among them.
  • The computer management page will open. It looks like this.
List of my PC drivers under Disk Manager in Computer Management
List of my PC drivers under Disk Manager in Computer Management

Select the ‘Device Manager’ on the computer management page. There you can find the list of your PC components. Windows will download the drivers for your PC parts automatically. And provide necessary updates.

If you have a problem with any component in your PC, update the drivers of that particular component in the Device Manager section.

For example, your Bluetooth adapter is not working, you’ve checked the Windows for any updates available. It shows nothing. Then you need to update your PC driver manually, for that go to the ‘Device Manager,’ where you can find all PC parts.

Select the Bluetooth drive and double-click on it. Its properties page will open. This page contains the Bluetooth working status.

Driver update in Windows 10
Driver update in Windows 10

Select the drivers on that page. There you can find the option ‘Update driver.’ Click on it.

Select the type of search for a PC driver
Select the type of search for a PC driver

Then the next page will open which is giving two options to you. One is Windows automatic update, and the other is to select the driver from your PC storage.

If you have any drives in your PC hard disk, let them visible for driver update by selecting ‘drivers from local storage.’ Otherwise, go with the Windows automatic. Windows will update the drivers of your Bluetooth device (only if available).

Your problem will solve by updating the driver on a PC. However, if the problem occurs again and again, and it showing that ‘operation failed’ in their driver properties (code 10 error), try to troubleshoot it.

To troubleshoot your PC,

  • Go to settings
  • Select ‘Update & Security’
  • After that, click on troubleshoot from the displayed options
  • Then select ‘Additional troubleshooters.’ There you can find the list of options and select the one that is having a problem with and fix it.

Drivers CD :

Drivers CD is a type of storage device that is coming with the motherboard. In this device, the motherboard manufacturer can load the PC drivers compatible with the motherboard model. If in case Windows automatic update fails to download PC drivers, we can use this Drivers CD.

Nowadays, Drivers CD is not in use because Windows will give the updates frequently and there is less chance of causing errors.

However, it’s better to keep this Drivers CD with you and use it whenever required to avoid major problems like Blue Screen of Death in your PC.

Not only motherboards coming up with the drivers but also CD Wi-Fi adapters, Bluetooth adapters, and other components also have drivers CD. It depends on the manufacturer of the product.

Is there any software available for PC drivers?

Yes, there are some best free software tools are available on the web. You don’t need to use this software if your PC is working fine with the existing drivers (up-to-date or outdated doesn’t matter).

Use these 11 free driver pack software tools only if required. The reason why I’m saying this is, it makes a burden on your computer and result in lag performance. If you’ve built a PC with high configuration, go on with the driver software tool that you like (No problem).

Conclusion :

Hope this information will help you to download and update your PC drivers.

Don’t ignore the drivers on your PC. You can see the maximum potential of your PC with their help. And the lifespan of computer parts also increases.

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