CORONA VIRUS DISEASE -2019 and simply called as COVID-19. I think it is familiar to all.

1. What is corona? And where it was found?

Corona is a virus, and it looks like a crown shape so it can be called so. The earliest discovery ‘infectious bronchitis virus’ was found in chickens. Later in 1960, the first Human Corona Virus was discovered and named human coronavirus 229E and human coronavirus OC43 later other members of this family have been identified including Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome CoronaVirus SARS-CoV in 2003,

HumanCoronaVirus NL63 HcoV NL63 in 2004,

Human CoronaVirus HKU1 HCoV HKU1 in 2005,

Middle East respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus MERS-CoV in 2012 and

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome CoronaVirus SARS-CoV-2 in 2019  and it is also called COVID-19. All these come under the family of coronavirus.

 WUHAN is the place where the first case of COVID-19 was found.

It is a marketplace so easily spread all over China, and then all over the World.

2. How it spread?

The disease came from Bats to Humans, and now it can easily spread from Men to Men.

 These are the common ways to spread COVID-19

        =>  Shake hands or body contacts by the infected person to normal people.

        =>  Through cough sprinkles by the infected ones.

        =>  Contaminant blood sharing.

        =>  By touching unwanted places and things.

3. The lifespan of coronavirus & COVID-19

Coronavirus is not resistible at high temperatures i.,e temp> 40 degrees. In Humans, the life span of COVID-19 is based upon their immunity power. Virus survival time in various places.

        =>  Humans              –    Depends on individual

        =>  In Air                  –    3 hrs

        => On our Hands    –    10 to 30 minutes

        => Plastic things     –     2 to 3 days

        => Cardboard          –    24 hours

        => Copper                  –   4 hrs

        => Stainless steel     –    2 to 3 days

        => Glass                    –    4 days

        => On wall                 –    36 hrs

4. The symptoms of COVID-19

According to WHO, if a person affected with Corona, it took a minimum of 10 to 14 days to show symptoms of COVID-19. During this period, he/she can spread the disease without knowing themselves. These are the symptoms of COVID-19.

        => Cough

        => Fever

        => Tiredness

        => Severe breathing problem

These symptoms highly affect old people and children because of their poor resistance.

5. Effects of COVID-19

Death is highly recorded for kids and old people. Because they have less resistance to fight against COVID-19. The only thing which relives us in this situation is not all the infected people leads to death.

By now, the total cases all over the world were 4,35,391 and deaths are 19,620.  The total recovery cases of COVID-19 are 1,11,878. In India the total cases were 562, recovered people are 40 and the deaths are 10. This count will increase in the future. The countries that are lockdown due to COVID-19 are South Africa, New Zealand, Colombia, India, U.K, Australia, China, Denmark, etc.

6. Precautions need to be taken

We know that there is no treatment for COVID-19 for now. So Prevention is the only way to control it.  

                      PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE

World Health Organization WHO suggests DO THE FIVE to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

These are the things we need to follow

        =>  Hands wash

        =>  Elbow cough

        =>  Don’t touch your nose, eyes, and mouth unnecessarily

        =>  Keep a distance of each individual

        =>  Stay home and Stay safe

7. Action against COVID-19

Countries like India, America, China, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, Germany, Iran, France, South Korea, Belgium, Canada, Norway, Brazil, Sweden, Australia, Brazil, etc., affected by COVID-19. Among all those Italy has a high death rate with 6,820 and Spain records 3,434 deaths. Even China was the first country where COVID-19 found it ranks number three in death rate with 3,281. The Governments of Italy, Spain, and Iran are failed to control the spread of COVID-19.

Most of the countries in the world have already declared as the Lockdown to their nations. Indian Prime Minister Modi declared a lockdown of India for 21 days from 25th March 2020.

Surprisingly, China has a high recovery rate with 73,650 recovered cases from 81,218 total registered cases. But How is it possible? It’s a big question to world countries, the official reason is China declared lockdown of its country and the Chinese followed their Govt.rules strictly. Countries like America, Iran doesn’t accept this. The rumor was China has an antidote to COVID-19.

8. Human VS Corona

Is prevention enough to fight against Corona?  Obviously, it is not enough. Because of virus-like corona and it’s symptoms are very dangerous to us. The disease spread from man to man unknowingly, so it is difficult to find the infected people and cure them.

Even if we control the spread of corona for some time with lockdown and medical facilities, it is not possible for us to break the chain of Corona completely. So vaccines or treatment is  required compulsory to break the corona chain completely.

9. Does the recovered person infect with corona

However, it is not sure for everyone. Reinfection is mainly dependent on their Immunity. The treatment we are taking now is helpful for being safe from COVID-19  for a year or two. Scientists are in a way to study and develop natural immunity to fight against COVID-19.

Even this medication can help us, we need to develop our immune power. According to my view, the natural way is the best way to cure COVID-19 permanently.

10. Salute to those who stand for us

Ambulance drivers, Nurses, Medical suppliers, Doctors, and all other Hospital staff, all Police departments were served us a lot in this crucial situation. So we must be thankful to all of them. All we need to do is follow our Government rules. If you want to know anything more about COVID-19, follow the site WHO.

Author: Aswarth

Former Blogger, Passionate & Informative about Science & Technology.