The computer is one of the outstanding inventions in this world. Among all the technical stuff, this computer is my favorite.

There are many things to learn about computers. In one word, computer knowledge is an Ocean. That’s why in the engineering we found a separate branch on these computers.

Let’s see the basics.

What is a Computer?

A computer is an electronic device or a machine which has capable of using artificial intelligence by our instructions and makes our work smarter and smarter. It can save work and time. Irrespective of any specific profession, we can use this computer in every field like Hospitals, Industries, Research labs, Schools and Colleges, Businesses, etc. And also we can use the computer for our personal works like watching movies, sending emails, editing, etc., so we can also call this a Personal Computer (PC).

In the beginning of computers era, they used for only doing mathematical calculations and only used by those who are in business fields.

My Computer

The picture shows how my computer looks like. The requirements of this PC is perfectly suitable for me as a blogger. And I have a Laptop too.

The minimized version of a computer is a Laptop. They are portable and foldable. We can discuss more on the next page.

Build a PC

Building a PC is not a hard task, and in fact, it gives us much pleasure to handle our technology by yourself.

You need to require some basic knowledge to build your own PC. If anything goes wrong in selecting suitable components, the entire system may get into trouble.

Don’t worry, here I can guide you to choose what is best for you and your profession.

After building the PC, we completed 50 percent of the work. And from now the software knowledge we need to proceed.

From installing the Operating System to using the PC efficiently and conveniently, we completed the next half part of the build.

You can find the useful stuff of computer software information.

The above category will help you in optimize your PC performance

While observing the performance of a computer, we have a lot of questions to raise, like why the processor has capability? Why the mobiles and Computers have different OS? Why the different cables perform different actions? How Bluetooth is working? How the internet is connecting you and me? Etc, etc. All this type of deep tech information is available here.

I must be sure, the quality information will help you and me as well to gain knowledge.

Why Windows is the most popular OS?

Windows is the leading operating system for computers. However, there are some other operating systems like Linux, Ubuntu, Dos, etc. But Windows is the most common operating system because of the professional interface and the user-friendly access.

So, understanding the most popular OS gives us a confident to use it efficiently.

All the information related to the Windows Operating System is available here. I can provide you with the best techniques and useful information in the above link.

There is another popular operating system after Windows, that is MacOS from Apple.

While coming to the privacy and protection, Apple comes to the first place. But in recent times, Windows will beat the Apple to provide security and protection to their users.

Apple’s eco-system is something different from normal. In fact, most of the professionals prefer Apple in their fields because of some unique advantages like Apple devices have powerfully built quality than others and they follow their own Operating System. I prefer Apple in the first place because of this reason.

To know about Apple eco-system in deep like iPhones, iPods, iOS, MacBook, Apple Computers, AirPods, etc. Here is the place to find the Apple eco-system.

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