Computer Hardware

Here on this page, you can find the solutions to the hardware problems in a computer. Also, we can discuss how the things are working in a PC.


What is mean by Inductor and Capacitor?

An inductor is also called a reactor (or) coil. Inductor is characterized by its inductance, which is the ratio of the voltage to the rate of change of current.
& Capacitance is the ability of a body to hold an electrical charge. It is the ratio of the amount of electric charge stored on a conductor to a difference in electrical potential.

best PC airflow

The Best Guide for PC Airflow Optimization

All the electronic components in a computer are designed to operate under specific operating temperature ranges. When the current is passing through them, they can dissipate some energy in the form of heat because of the internal resistance of the computer components. If we don’t remove this heat in the computer case, it will lead to the damage of computer major components like motherboard, processor, GPU’s, etc.