Computer Hardware

Here on this page, you can find the solutions to the hardware problems in a computer. Also, we can discuss how the things are working in a PC.


What is the difference between a monitor and a TV?

In the olden days, it is easy to find the difference between a monitor and a Television. Do you remember that? Monitors are bulky white-colored devices called Cathode Ray Tube and only used in office work, hospitals, restaurants, etc.
But now, the computer is one of the most commonly used electronic devices on the planet. And the technology is improving day by day. Now, both the monitors and Televisions are coming with …


The Best PC Fans in 2021

We must keep the CPU temperature low as much as possible. For that, we need to mount the best PC fans inside the CPU case. Here you can find the best fans you should try in 2021.
In 2021, we have a lot of possibilities. So, we need to consider different aspects before buying something. In the case of computer case fans, the following are the considering factors.