IP rating mean? Find your device IP rating here.

The cost of a product is to vary before and after the certificate. Some countries in the world have their own standards of certifying. The standards can help the brand or a company survive in their country only. But to get international IP testing, the company needs to consult the International Electrotechnical Commission. Around 162 world countries gather to form three major standard organizations. They are.

best PC airflow

The best guide for PC Fan Airflow Direction

All the electronic components in a computer are designed to operate under specific operating temperature ranges. When the current is passing through them, they can dissipate some energy in the form of heat because of the internal resistance of the computer components. If we don’t remove this heat in the computer case, it will lead to the damage of computer major components like motherboard, processor, GPU’s, etc.


The Best PC Fans in 2021

We must keep the CPU temperature low as much as possible. For that, we need to mount the best PC fans inside the CPU case. Here you can find the best fans you should try in 2021.
In 2021, we have a lot of possibilities. So, we need to consider different aspects before buying something. In the case of computer case fans, the following are the considering factors.