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We must keep the CPU temperature low as much as possible. For that, we need to mount the best PC fans inside the CPU case. Here you can find the best fans you should try in 2021.

In 2021, we have a lot of possibilities. So, we need to consider different aspects before buying something. In the case of computer case fans, the following are the considering factors.

RPM speed :

RPM means Revolutions Per Minute. The difference between speed and RPM is based on the device. For example, a normal object (a motorcycle) was moved from place A to B, then its movement is measured in terms of ‘speed’, and the units are ‘km/sec.’ Since the wheels of the motorcycle is in a circular shape, the movement of a wheel is measured in ‘RPM’ even though the wheels are connected to the motorcycle. In simple words, RPM is used for circular rotations whereas speed is used for any kind of movement.

Our product, PC fan is also coming in circular shape because of unique advantages. So, we need to find the best RPM speed of a fan for better cooling.

Higher RPM fans gives effective cooling.

Noise level :

The fans in a CPU case make noise. It is not a strange fact. But, we don’t want too much noise coming out from the CPU fan.

A best PC fan makes high RPM with less noise.

Is your CPU under desk? If yes, then you may not worry so much about this thing.

The noise is nothing but the sound. The units of sound are decibels ‘dB.’ You can find the units of voltage, current, and more, here.

Diameter of a fan :

We know the PC fan is coming in a circular shape. The maximum possible distance from one point to another point in a circle is called its diameter.

High-diameter PC fans are recommended because more airflow occurs with them. Means more cooling we get to our computers.

There are various diameter fans available in the market. Among all those, 120mm fans are very popular and effective for a CPU case. The CPU case designers and manufacturers use this size (120mm) as a default. This is also a reason for its popularity.

Lifespan :

“I bought a battery for my wireless keyboard. And the battery stops working after the use of 30 working days. The reason for this interruption is the mechanism inside the battery has less life-cycle capacity. It is not a good thing. Right?”

It is the same thing that happens for a PC fan as well. So, we consider this one is also a quality factor for the best PC fan. We can simply find the value for money with this factor.

Note: No matter what kind of best fans you use on your PC. If you don’t use this optimization technique, your PC will never get enough cooling.

1. Cooler Master Holo MF120 RGB fan :

RPM650 – 1800 RPM
Power connector4 pins
Noise range6 – 30 dBA
LED lightingRGB
Life span160 000 hours
Diameter120 mm
Cooler Master Holo MF120 RGB fan
Cooler Master Holo MF120 RGB fan // pic credit: cooler master

Cooler Master Holo MF 120 is the best one to choose for your PC case. Especially, if you are an RGB lover, you like this product. It is coming with the 4 pin power connector. The life span of the product 160 000 hours is good.

The only thing we need to compromise here is the noise level. The fan makes noise anywhere from 6 to 30 decibels. If you are ok with that, everything looks good in this product.

If you are looking for the pack of best cooling fans for your new PC, you can choose this.


RPM650 – 1800 RPM
Power connector4 pins
Noise range6 – 30 dBA
LED lightingRGB
Life span160 000 hours
Diameter120 mm
NZXT AER RGB 2 // Pic credit: NZXT

NZXT AER RGB 2 is one of the colorful and powerful PC fans in 2021. The product is available in 120 and 140 mm dimensions.

We can connect and synchronize up to five pieces of this model using CAM. We can create a colorful PC setup with these fans.

The drawback of this product is its life expectancy. The maximum lifespan of NZXT AER RGB 2 is 60 000 hours.

Conclusion :

You’ve seen the list of best fans for your PC. Choose the one that is perfect for your setup. I always recommend you to mount the fans in a CPU case as many as possible.

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