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Best browser for Windows 10 in 2021

Search Engines and Web Browsers are not the same. A lot of people consider that both are the same, but not. Today, we are going to see the best browser for Windows 10. Since we want the best, I provide very limited but powerful software here. They are all unique in their aspects.

To find the best browser, we know what are the special qualities of a web browser that makes it unique among the software in the market.

Qualities of a Best Browser :

It’s hard to discuss every single aspect. So, here we can see the most wanted requirements of a user from a web browser. However, by the end of reading this article, you’ll get to know about different browsers and you can able to choose the best browser that suits you.

Security :

Security is the first thing to consider in any browser. Because, in a browser, we almost share everything like our address, favorites, contacts, accessing sites, spending time, passwords, etc. With this data, the companies will do anything and make it a profitable way.

Sometimes, the data may get stolen by hackers from big companies. In the maximum cases, companies can’t misuse our data. But they can use our data to enhance their features and facilities.

However, the best browser requires less user data or no user data at all. By this, we can protect ourselves from our data without being shared with others. Not even to Browsers that we are using.

User-friendly interface :

The best browser can provide the best user experience to its users. No matter how many best features the browsers have, ultimately, user satisfaction is the key factor.

A good user experience comes when a normal user easily understands the browser like its wallpaper, speed, customization, etc. However, if you like a web browser, it has an upvote for being the best browser on the list.

Multiple search engines to access :

The chrome-like browsers have only one search engine in them. So, we don’t have multiple options to choose from. But the best web browser has multiple options to choose from.

Of course, Google is the most reliable search engine. But it doesn’t mean that no one is using the other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, etc.

Using the other search engines is depends on the user’s intention. But providing multiple search engines to access is one of the key features that users want.

Earn while you browse :

Not all browsers have this feature. But it is one of the useful features that users want. In 2021, the demand for money is high. Especially in these situations, people want to earn money while they were at home.

In such cases, browsers like this are very useful. Every time you browse something, you’ll get a reward. The reward money might be small, but it is better than nothing.

So, along with the other features, this unique feature makes it as a best browser in the list.

Sync across devices :

The last thing, yet it is an important thing to consider for the best browser is ‘sync across devices.’ Whenever we see valuable content, we’ll add it to the bookmark. The content may be of any type like education, information, games, entertainment, biographies, etc.

Just say, “You saved around 20+ bookmarks on your browser, but you didn’t sign up on that browser. Unfortunately, one day, the browser was uninstalled. Then what will you do? Literally nothing.” To avoid these consequences, we need to sync our data across all our devices like Mobile, Laptop, desktop PC, Tab, etc.

This feature saves a lot of our time and effort to save our data on each device. This is why I recommend you sign up on your favorite browser to save all your data.

By considering all these factors, we’ll find the best browser Windows 10 in 2021.

1. Microsoft Edge :

Microsoft Edge is the inbuilt web browser on the Windows 10 Operating System. The browser provides news feeds and the brand recommendations like Amazon, Facebook, etc. By ads and brand collaborations, Microsoft Edge generates its income.

We can set our preferences for the newsfeeds. So, that we can see more content in that category. We can Sign up in this browser with a Microsoft account means our data can sync across all our devices.

The extensions are also available to improve the productivity of our work. And it has an impressive speed working mechanism. However, if you’re looking for a fast and genuine browser, I would recommend you go with the Microsoft Edge browser.

You don’t need to install it separately on your Windows 10 PC. You just need to find and set it as the default browser on your PC. So that go to Settings >> Apps >> Default Apps >> Web Browser.

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge

Pros :

  • Undoubtedly, the fastest web browser
  • You can add or remove extensions
  • You can fill the dashboard with plain wallpaper or the informational content
  • The ‘Family safety’ feature protects your children from bad stuff on the web
  • You can set your privacy protection from Basic to Strict.
  • Sync across all devices with Microsoft account

Cons :

  • You can’t find related images to your search query
  • Multiple search engine accessibility missing

2. Google Chrome :

Google chrome is the most popular and reliable web browser on this planet. There is no informational content available on this browser like Microsoft Edge. But on the mobile version, you can get the news feeds based on your preferences.

However, you can add chrome extensions to increase the productivity of your work. Here is a list of the best Google chrome extensions in 2021.

The browser has only one search engine called Google. And it is very popular because of its accurate results. There is an incognito window present in which no bookmarks, no browsing history, was present. But chrome always keeps an eye on its users. That’s why in privacy, Google chrome stood last in the list.

Google chrome
Google chrome

Pros :

  • We can get the most accurate results to our queries
  • Very plain and decent interface
  • Incognito tabs won’t save your browsing history and download history

Cons :

  • We can’t find alternate search engines to Google
  • Informational content is absent
  • Slow compared to Microsoft Edge and Brave browsers

3. Brave Browser :

Brave is one of the fastest browsers. Have you ever seen a browser with no ads? Brave browser doesn’t display ads in between the content. So it looks very clean. There is another great advantage of this browser.

We can earn rewards by using a brave browser. The brave rewards can convert to Amazon gift cards, etc. And also brave supports multiple search engine accessibility. So, there is no need to compromise with a single search engine like Google.

Participating in the brave reward program is your wish. Brave has an average interface. However, you can customize your home screen on settings. Get Brave browser on your PC now.

Brave Browser
Brave Browser

Pros :

  • High-speed web browser
  • We can earn brave rewards
  • Multiple search engine accessibility exists
  • Like chrome, the brave browser has extensions.

Cons :

  • The unfair home screen looks

4. Mozilla Firefox :

Firefox is one of the most comfortable browsers. You have various search engines like Bing, Amazon, Wikipedia, etc. So it is easy to find that exact thing you want, whether it is a product or informative content or some useful tips.

In the Firefox browser, along with the speed, we found the news updates with the latest recommended articles. And also we can add extensions to the browser that can help to increase the productivity in our work.

Click here to get Mozilla Firefox browser on your PC.

Pros :

  • Firefox is one of the fast browsers
  • We can add extensions to improve our work flow
  • A Firefox account can sync all your data across all your devices
  • Multiple search engines available

Cons :

  • We can’t customize newsfeeds
  • No special features

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