Affiliate Disclosure – VIP ADDA

On this site you’ll find affiliate links…

What is an Affiliate Link? A blogger converts his/her reader to a customer through the link for e-commerce sites like Amazon, then the link is called an affiliate link. With this approach, bloggers earn some commission, and it is completely the readers wish to buy the product or not.

VIP ADDA joined the Amazon Affiliate program. So most of the affiliate links you find on this site will lead you to Amazon.

I respect your time and money. So I don’t recommend a product just for commission.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is, it follows either win or none but nothing to lose. For example, you buy a product through the affiliate link, I’ll get some commission (win). and no sales, no profits means (none).

But you may have a doubt, Is the product cost will increase if I get through the link? No, the product cost will never increase because of the affiliate links. So there is nothing you lose here (No lose).

If you want to say something or have any doubt, you can catch me here.