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Google Services: The complete list of 150+ free products and service

We all know that Google is the most popular and reliable search engine on the planet. In the Initial days, it was only a search engine and services are very lim Now, Google provides a lot of services. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. CHROME BROWSER : (Android, Windows, Apple) Google developed this software for its search engine. You didn’t find any alternatives to Google in Chrome, like Bing, Yahoo, etc., It is user-friendly. In the mobile application, you will get the latest updates of news while browsing. And now it is one of the best browsers in Windows 10.

2. GOOGLE APP : (Android, iPhone) Application on a mobile phone which gives short and updated information based upon our priority. It provides widgets and voice commands which are very useful.

3. GMAIL : (Android, Windows, Apple) Google provides a free email service which is called Gmail. With the help of a Google account, you can save all your information in one place securely. With this Gmail account, only you can access all the Google services. Gmail provides more features than a normal email.

4. GOOGLE PHOTOS : (Android, Windows, Apple) It gives unlimited storage to your photos, and Artificial Intelligence in it gives you the best suggestions like photo collage, animation, etc.,

5. GOOGLE DRIVE : (Android, Windows, Apple) Each Google account has 15 Gigabytes of free cloud storage which helps to keep your most important files. You can upgrade it to paid plans to get more storage.

6. GOOGLE PAY : (Android, Windows, Apple) A software that is used for money transactions developed by Google is Google pay. It is safe and also profitable by getting rewards.

7. GOOGLE PAY BUSINESS : (Android, Windows, Apple) Specially designed for business transactions. Supports various languages instantly. Fast and secure. Help to grow your online business.

8. GOOGLE GO : (Android, iPhone) Performs like Google app. All applications linked to your google account displayed here. Easy to use, the size is tiny for performing well in outdated devices.

9. GOOGLE ASSISTANT : (Android) An Assistant who is doing well with your voice commands. By default, you can call it “Hey Google”, “Ok Google”.

10. GOOGLE OPINION REWARDS : (Android, iPhone) Application created by the Google survey team. You can earn money by taking surveys. The surveys may be regular or irregular.

11. GOOGLE TRANSLATE : (Android, Windows, Apple) Over 100 languages are present in Google Translate. It can translate between any of them. It helps a lot in nonresidential places. You can use voice commands to operate this.

12. GOOGLE KEEP-NOTES : (Android, Windows, Apple) Keeping data and sync across all devices. You can save names, simple text, places, etc.,

13. GOOGLE FIT : (Android, iPhone) It helps you to be fit and healthy. Your move minutes and heart points get updated every time and notify you. Linked with the World Health Organization WHO and American Heart Association.

14. GOOGLE+ FOR G SUITE : (Android, Windows, Apple) Now it is only available for G Suite customers, not for all consumers. It is the place where to find apps for your domains.

15. GOOGLE TASKS : (Android) Setting tasks to do a particular time. It can remind us of an assistant.

16. FILES BY GOOGLE : (Android) It helps to check your phone’s storage and delete unwanted files.

17. GOOGLE FIND MY DEVICE : (Android) It helps to find your phone when it lost.

18. GOOGLE NEWS : (Android, Windows, Apple) News upon your preferences.Short and accurate.

19. GOOGLE DUO : (Android, iPhone) Google provides a video call facility.

20. GOOGLE EARTH : (Android, Windows, Apple) Find satellite images of any location with a 3rd Dimension and 360 degrees perspective.

21. GOOGLE MY BUSINESS : (Android, Windows, Apple) Get your business online with Google safe.

22. GOOGLE DOCS : (Android, Windows, Apple) The software helps to open and edit documents and also create a new document.

23. PHOTO SCAN BY GOOGLE PHOTO : (Android, iPhone) Scanner by Google Photos that lets you scan to save your favorite printed photos.

24. GOOGLE INDIC KEYBOARD : (Android, iPhone) A keyboard from Google with different languages.

25. GOOGLE HOME : (Android, iPhone) An application that connects all home appliances with Google.

26. GOOGLE ARTS AND CULTURE : (Android, Windows, Apple) By this, you can find art and different cultures all over the world.

27. CONTACTS : (Android, Windows, Apple) Back up and sync your contacts anytime anywhere.

28. CROWD SOURCE : (Android, iPhone) Interact with Google community, by this you can get rewards.

29. GOOGLE CALENDAR : (Android, Windows, Apple) Calendar facility.

30. GOOGLE SHEETS : (Android, Windows, Apple) Create and edit spreadsheets.

31. EXPEDITIONS : (Android, Windows, Apple) See anything, go anywhere, and explore historical landmarks.

32. GOOGLE SPOTLIGHT STORIES : (Android, iPhone) World of storytelling made by Google.

33. GOOGLE ONE : (Android, Windows, Apple) Paid membership plan for expanded storage.

34. GOOGLE SLIDES : (Android, Windows, Apple) Create and edit presentations.

35. GOOGLE PLAY GAMES : (Android) Secure game play and sync.

36. SCIENCE JOURNAL : (Android, iPhone) An application to give science knowledge by Google.

37. WALLPAPERS : (Android, iPhone) Beautiful wallpapers by Google.

38. GOOGLE CLOUD SEARCH : (Android, Windows, Apple) The fast and easiest way to find your information at work.

39. GOOGLE STREET VIEW : (Android, iPhone) Find out the locations all over the world.

40. GBOARD : (Android, iPhone) A Google keyboard.

41. GOOGLE PDF VIEWER : (Android) PDF reader powered by Google.

42. ANDROID THINGS TOOLKIT : (Android) Things that IoT developers required.

43. JAMBOARD : (Android, Windows, Apple) Digital collaboration for teams and classrooms.

44. GOOGLE HANDWRITING INPUT : (Android) Handwriting input keyboard by Google.

45. GOOGLE ADS : (Android, Windows, Apple) Ads powered by Google.

46. MAPS : (Android, Windows, Apple) It shows your exact location and places around the world.

47. SCREENWISE METER : (Android) Monitor your screen by Google.

48.GOOGLE I/O : (Android) Explore the conference schedule.

49.GOOGLE ANALYTICS : (Android, Windows, Mac) Monitor your business with this.

50.YOUTUBE : (Android, Windows, Apple) Collection of third party videos by YouTube powered by Google.

51.GOOGLE PODCASTS : (Android, Windows, Apple) Podcast player from Google.

52.GOOGLE CLASSROOM : (Android, Windows, Apple) A place to engage teacher and students.

53.MESSAGES : (Android, iPhone) Messaging facility by Google.

54.GOOGLE MY MAPS : (Android) Create and edit custom maps on the go.

55.GOOGLE MAPS GO : (Android) Voice guided navigation for Google Maps, for phones.

56.GOOGLE AD SENSE : (Android, Windows, Apple) Money earning service through Google ads.

57.GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC : (Android) Collection of music by Google.

58.CHROME DEV : (Android) Speed and simplicity of Chrome.

59. GOOGLE APPS DEVICE POLICY : (Android) Allow G Suite domain admin to set security policies for your Android device.

60. GOOGLE WIFI : (Android) The app lets you set up and control your Google WiFi points right from your mobile device.

61.GRASSHOPPER -LEARN TO CODE : (Android) Learn to code for free on your phone.

62. CHROME BETA : (Android) The speed and simplicity of Chrome, now in beta.

63.GOOGLE PLAY BOOKS : (Android, iPhone) Collection of e-books by Google.

64. VOICE ACCESS : (Android) Provides accessibility by voice for hands-free mobile computing

65. GOOGLE SUPPORT SERVICES : (Android, Windows, Apple) Share your Android device screen for personalized Google customer support.

66. SNAPSEED : (Android, iPhone) A photo editing mobile application by Google.

67. CHROME REMOTE DESKTOP : (Android) Securely access your computers from your Android device.

68. SOUND AMPLIFIER : (Android) Filter, augment and amplify the sound in the real world.

69. GOOGLE TEXT-TO-SPEECH : (Android) Application to read the text on your screen aloud.

70. NEIGHBOURLY-WHAT’S HAPPENING NEARBY : (Android) What’s happening nearby, by Google.

71. CLOCK : (Android) Your simple and beautiful clock by Google.

72. GOOGLE AUTHENTICATOR : (Android) Enable 2 step verification to protect your account.

73. BOLO-LEARN TO READ : (Android, iPhone) Help your children learn to read with Google.

74. GOOGLE FAMILY LINK FOR PARENTS : (Android) Parental control app from Google.

75. ANDROID DEV SUMMIT 2019 : (Android, Windows, Apple) A detailed schedule can be created.

76. GOOGLE ADMIN : (Android) Manage users, reset passwords, manage group membership and manage devices.

77. GOOGLE PLAY CONSOLE : (Android) Understand your app’s statistics, get notified of changes, and reply to reviews.

78. MATERIAL GALLERY : (Android, iPhone) A shared home for your team’s design work.

79. COMEOS ON GOOGLE : (Android) Get answers to the top Google questions.

80. GOOGLE BRAILLE BACK : (Android) It helps blind users make use of braille devices.

81. HANGOUTS : (Android, Windows, Apple) Providing free messaging, video, and voice.

82. CHROME CANARY : (Android) The best way to provide chrome services for Android. But now it is unstable.

83. GOOGLE PLAY MOVIES AND TV : (Android, Windows, Apple) Collection of Movies by Google.

84. CLOUD PRINT : (Android, Windows, Apple) Using this print from anywhere.

85. TRUSTED CONTACTS : (Android, iPhone) Stay connected with your family.

86. CLOUD CONSOLE : (Android,) Manage your services running on the Google Cloud Platform.

87. GOOGLE VR SERVICES : (Android) It provides functionality for daydream and cardboard apps.

88. CARRIER SERVICES : (Android) Communication Services for mobile carriers.

89. ANDROID AUTO : (Android, iPhone) Control maps, media, and messaging with the Google Assistant while you drive.

90. VR 1180 : (Android) It’s a camera app powered by Google.

91. CALCULATOR : (Android, iPhone) Google calculator.

92. WEAR OS BY GOOGLE SMARTWATCH : (Android) Sync your smartwatch with Android.

93. BLOGGGER : (Android, Windows, Apple) Provide a blogging facility by Google.

94. ACCESSIBILITY SCANNER : (Android, iPhone) Accessibility Scanner is a tool that suggests accessibility improvements for Android apps without requiring technical skills.

95. GOOGLE FAMILY LINK FOR CHILDREN : (Android, iPhone) Connect your family with the Google family link.

96. ANDROID SYSTEM WEB VIEW : (Android) Web content for apps powered by Google.

97. ANDROID DEVICE POLICY : (Android) With this, you can access your organization’s apps and resources.

98. HANGOUTS DIALER-CALL PHONES : (Android, iPhone) Call to any number in the world and no need for data plans.

99. YOUTUBE GO : (Android, iPhone) Similar to YouTube, but data consumption is less.

100. GOOGLE AIY PROJECTS : (Android, iPhone) The companion app for AIY projects

101. CARDBOARD : (Android, iPhone) Experience virtual reality with cardboard

102. GOOGLE JAPANESE INPUT : (Android) Japanese input for Android.

103. TOONTASTIC 3D : (Android) Narrate your own cartoons using this application.

104. YOUTUBE STUDIO : (Android, Windows, Apple) YouTube channel manager.

105. YOUTUBE MUSIC : (Android, Windows, Apple) Collection of music by YouTube powered by Google.

106. CREATIVE PREVIEW : (Android, iPhone) Ads preview like a consumer.

107. HANGOUTS CHAT : (Android, iPhone) It is an intelligent and secure communications tool, built for teams.

108. GOOGLE PINYIN INPUT : (Android, iPhone) Chinese input using pinyin, handwriting, etc.,

109. ANDROID ACCESSIBILITY SUITE : (Android) Android Accessibility Suite is a collection of accessibility apps that help you use your Android device eyes-free.

110. YOUTUBE KIDS : (Android, Windows Apple) Collection of animated videos especially for kids. Help children to grow well.

111. BEACON TOOLS : (Android) Provides beacon services by Google.

112. ANDROID TV REMOTE CONTROL : (Android) TV remote by Google.

113.GOOGLE SANTA TRACKER : (Android) It’s a game of rewards on Christmas day by Google.

114. GOOGLE PLAY SERVICES : (Android) It provides various facilities along with the collection of mobile applications.

115. GOOGLE SHOPPING : (Windows, Mac) Shopping powered by Google.

116. COLLECTIONS : (Windows, Mac) Collecting various information from all your devices and backup and sync.

117. CHROMECAST : (Android, Windows, Apple) Connecting all your digital ecosystem with Chrome.

118. ANDROID OS : (Android) Android 10 powered by Google.

119. CHROME WEB STORE : (Chrome) Collection of the web application.

120. CHROMEBOOK : (Chrome) A notebook with Chrome OS.Speed, simple and secure.

121. DAYDREAM VIEW : (Windows, Mac) Connects you with the Google ecosystem.

122. FINANCE : (Windows, Mac) Here you can get stock market updates.

123. FORMS : (Windows, Mac) A place where to store all your collected information.

124. GOOGLE ALERTS : (Android, Windows, Mac) By your preferences, you will get email alerts from Google.

125. GOOGLE CAST : (Android, Windows, Mac) Connect all your ecosystem with Google cast.

126. GOOGLE FI : (Android) A kind of phone plan by Google.

127. GOOGLE FLIGHTS : (Windows, Mac) Booking flights and hotels is possible.

128. GOOGLE FONTS : (Windows, Mac) Find different fonts.

129. GOOGLE GROUPS : (Android, Windows, Mac) Here you can create a group for college, school, project, business, etc., and express your views with others.

130. GOOGLE STORE : (Windows, Mac) Where you can find all upcoming Google products.

131. PIXEL : (Android) Smartphone developed by Google.

132. PIXELBOOK GO : (Windows, Mac) Connects with your pixel family

133. GOOGLE PLAY PROTECT : (Android) Google protection service for Android applications.

134. SCHOLAR : (Windows, Mac) Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. From one place, you can search across many disciplines and sources: articles, theses, books, abstracts, and court opinions, from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities, and other websites. Google Scholar helps you find relevant work across the world of scholarly research.

135. SITES : (Windows, Mac) It helps to create the best site for your group and project.

136. TILT BRUSH : (Windows, Mac) Tilt Brush lets you paint in 3D space with virtual reality. Your room is your canvas. Your palette is your imagination. The possibilities are endless.

137. VOICE : (Android, Windows, Apple) A Voice number works on smartphones and the web so you can place and receive calls from anywhere. From simple navigation to voicemail transcription, Voice makes it easier than ever to save time while staying connected.

138. WAZE : (Android, Windows, Apple) Waze is more than driving directions and a traffic map. It’s millions of drivers and riders reducing traffic, keeping people safe, and making roads better—together.

139. YOUTUBE TV : (Android, Windows, Apple) A TV with unlimited recording storage on YouTube. It works all with Google accounts. You can share it with anyone and deactivate it.

140. AD MOB : (Windows, Mac) You work hard on your app. Ad Mob makes earning revenue easy with in-app ads, actionable insights, and powerful, easy-to-use tools that grow your app business.

141. ANDROID : (Android) Interact gently with your customers on Android.

142. DATA STUDIO : (Windows, Mac) Unlock the power of your data with interactive dashboards and engaging reports that inspire smarter business decisions. It’s easy and free.

143. DOUBLE CLICK BY GOOGLE : (Windows, Mac) It helps to interact with customers and make fast delivery of your business.

144. GOOGLE DOMAINS : (Windows, Mac) Here you can find a lot of paid domains for your website.

145. GOOGLE WEB DESIGNER : (Windows, Mac) Design your passionate website and give a unique look at HTML.

146. GOOGLE DIGITAL GARAGE : (Windows, Mac) Place where to learn online marketing for free.

147. GOOGLE ENTERPRISE SEARCH : (Windows, Mac) Google Enterprise Search helps employees and customers find what they need, fast. It’s easy to use and manage so you can put your data back to work.

148. GOOGLE MANUFACTURE CENTER : (Windows, Mac) Google Manufacturer Center helps you provide Google with the most up-to-date and authoritative product info, making it available to potential customers.

149. GOOGLE MERCHANT CENTER : (Windows, Mac) Google Merchant Center helps you get your shop and product info into Google and make it available to shoppers across Google.

150. GOOGLE+ BRANDS : (Windows, Mac) Consumer account temporarily unavailable.

151. OPTIMIZE : (Windows, Mac) A way to give a better look to your website

152. SEARCH CONSOLE : (Windows, Mac) Search exceptions by Google.

153. SHOPPING CAMPAIGN : (Windows, Mac) Help to showcase your products to the customers

154. GOOGLE SURVEYS : (Windows, Mac) It gives you valuable insight into your business.

155. GOOGLE TRENDS : (Windows, Mac) Find what is trending.?

That’s all. Almost, I covered everything in it. If I forgot anything, let me know with a comment.

No matter what your business is, Job, Education, Business, Entertainment, etc, Google covers almost every category that a normal person required in his life.

I am sure every one of us must use at least one of the above services. Hope this list will let you find more about Google.

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