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My computer

What is Computer? [A to Z Guide]

Hey VIP, Want to know about computer? Well, you came to the right place to get it from the scratch. The ancient technology was good. In fact, it is great. Our Ancestors state that there are nine planets without using any modern technology like Telescope, Satellites, etc. They found the natural treatment of many harmful diseases. And they built art and sculptures. Egyptian …

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Computer working

How the computer is working? [A step-by-step guide]

The computer working is not a hard task to understand. Yet, it is the collection of various parts performing in a PC (Personal Computer).
We need to simplify the subject to understand well. Every component in a computer must perform a specific action. Based on this action, the computer component is being placed in one of these three sections.

compulsory Computer parts

How to Build a PC for beginners? [Step-by-step]

A PC build needs a motherboard, processor, GPU, stock cooler, CPU cabinet, SMPS, RAM, Hard disk, SSD, Cooling fans, and a speaker. These are all the compulsory parts of the computer. However, the main advantage of a PC build is, we can choose a specific part at a particular price range. And also the desktop PCs are upgradable. In laptops, we don’t have this feature